4. Too much help to others

Wealth and money, without being used in the public good, has no meaning. If you do not use your money and income to help others, you will not know the real value of humanity and you will not feel the true happiness, but this holy action, if it comes from undesirable emotions, will eventually be counterproductive. For example, many people experience a guilty sense of sin after being successful, and their subconscious is responsible for the failures of others.

This misconception may turn out to be a compensatory measure, and an individual without a book and account will spend his income and money on helping others, while some of them do not fundamentally need much of this help.

5. Buy love and affection

Another misguided feeling that may appear in some is the desire to buy everything, including affection. A person who has the right income and wealth may try to win the affection of others with extravagance. For example, they spend a lot of money on friendships or surprise her with expensive gifts to attract their favorite men or women.While this method is not only not effective in most cases, it results in disastrous consequences for the individual.

Those who gather around such people often seek to use his widespread table, and after the end of the party, they will never even remember him. Regarding marriage and romance, the situation is even worse. Indeed, the person who marries you for money will be a good partner and will remain with you for many years?


6. Entry into absurd and futile competitions

The lack of confidence and internal fragility is a very devastating factor. Without a mental balance, you can not enjoy life and, of course, you will appreciate your money. Such people often engage in futile competitions, eyes and eyes, and luxuries, and waste their money and money in vain, while the end of such a competition is clear from the start and has no real effect They will not be obtained. In the futile competition, all people eventually lose their money and their energy.

Try to be honest with yourself and recognize your inner qualities. A deep awareness of the strengths and weaknesses will help you regain lost confidence. When you relied on yourself again, you will feel the need for tall and luxurious appearances, and you will get away from the eye and emotional trap. Of course, if this issue is rooted in you, you may need the help of specialized advisers.

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