1. The desire to buy continuously

Many of us, when we feel depressed, worried and lonely, are turning to extreme measures to change ourselves. For example, some people eat too much or use drugs and alcohol; actions that not only do not help solve the problem, but ultimately become destructive.

Now, it’s interesting to know that one of the most important examples of controlling inappropriate psychological conditions is to go on to buy it continuously. You have to see people who go to the streets in hard conditions to control their feelings and buy anything without regard to price and usage. Such purchases are in vain, usually unnecessary and do not differ much from money.

By buying a costume, shoes and even more expensive purchases, the car tries to control its depression and anxiety, ignoring the fact that this method is only effective for a few minutes, or ultimately several hours, and an unpleasant psychic state, quickly opened up Will return.

If you are among such people, you should leave this habit as soon as possible. Try to find alternate ways to change your mental state and stop spending money on temporary holidays. If your anxiety and depression are serious, you will certainly need specialized medical help, which will solve the problem by spending a small amount of money.

In addition to this, the use of supportive relationships and loops also works at such moments. Remember that simple communication with a friend or person is hundreds of times more likely to affect this kind of ineffective shopping.

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