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Homemade ways to strengthen hair




Since the hair care and beauty will be given a lot of importance on this subject a few tips for a beautiful, healthy and shiny hair having a reference.


Homemade ways to strengthen hair

Due to this that the hair is a dead tissue comes into account, for the cleaning and maintenance of it spend too much time, energy and money. According to the site «MSN» hair in addition to other biological value up beauty. Hot head of hair and keeps adjusting body temperature also helps. Nail hair-like part of the skin and most of the protein is formed


1 to 3 times a day –, 250 mg Borage extract, flaxseed Primrose or eat. All of these oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as linolenic acid gamma-to keep the wet hair and excellent nails.


2 – If you want a clearer when you appear before exposure to the Sun is slightly apply lemon juice to your hair.
3 – after every time you shower, you control the amount of hair that is shed as usual, from 80 to 1000 jigsaw that we 120 tar 200 tar hair up 50 a day. If the amount of hair that is shed more, consult a physician. It is likely that the start of an infection of the scalp is Tinea and in rare cases can also cause hair loss because of nutrient deficiency.
4 – a mashed ripe avocado with a mixture of egg and apply to wet hair. The fruit is rich in vitamins, natural fatty acid and mineral that is hair luster returns. Let this mixture at least 20 minutes to remain on the hair and then rinse several times. For damaged hair, healthy hair once and for a fish once this repeat work.
5 – before taking the hair gel, a few drops of perfume you’re beloved to add it to your hair as well as rosy.
6 – can add 20 drops of the Holy 236 in Stowe oil natural ml diluted shampoo at 118 ml of water in an herbal shampoo.
7 – to create a balance in the amount of scalp PH a share of Apple Cider vinegar mixed with lukewarm water 2 shares and use up your hair color red are obvious. Vinegar mixture well into the hair and scalp massage and let it dry and then washing as usual.


Homemade ways to strengthen hair

8 – to strengthen the hair protein, one egg with a little mix shampoo and massage for 5 minutes and then rinse well.

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