high-speed cars in the world

high-speed cars in the world

(The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport) until the year 2010, the most in the World Cup group a table of high-speed cars, Guinness has been but 2 years ago car called (Hennessey Venom GT) broke this record. The creators of a still edge Hennessey Venom GT was that after a few days later the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to record again.

Bugatti Veyron

high-speed cars in the world-Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron because of incapacity related to disabling the device limiting the speed of this
The car was announced but concluded that the operation or non-operation of the speed limit in this category have no role
Does. However some believe the venom GT is not only a few days, but most of the World Cup remains a high-speed table layout.

Hennessey Venom GT

10 high-speed cars in the worldHennessey-Venom-GT

High-speed vehicles on the basis of a set of clear criteria, categories, and finally just a car as most broadband world’s car. Earn this title in the Guinness requires passing formal processes for approval of this excellence.

10 high-speed car that in this article, we have mentioned them, the cars on the road use that have an h of urban and suburban and bought and steer them to legally open to the public. Hence, changed vehicles, as well as high-speed vehicles that manufacturer is just one version of them have production and supply, will not be included in this list. Of this, the car accelerated from 0 to in less time acceleration 96.6 km per hour (equivalent to 60 miles an hour) as the most high speed the world car.

Pagani Huayra-370.1 k/h

high-speed cars in the world-Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra is made in Italy. Pagani Huayra of 1992, the company started to work. In addition to designing and manufacturing company, Pagani car and unparalleled quality, to use the
Carbon fiber in production.

Which is very resistant, and style-oriented, but is priced. Founder of the Argentinian company,Horacio Pagani, also earlier
The use of composite materials in the production of the Lamborghini had tested. Huayra that in 2012, a 6-liter engine-equipped Unveils 12-cylinder V-shape along with a pair of turbo-charged.

Other advantages of Huayra can be rattling its high speed and in a straight line.
Huayra in February 2013 managed to record tv program top gear (Top Gear)
Pagani Huayra is the world’s fastest car in Guinness, however, the attention
Speed enthusias.

Zenvo ST1-375 km/h

Zenvo-ST1- high-speed -cars- in- the- world

This car belongs to Denmark. Of Zenvo ST1 s t van Unveils in 2009.

This is the car that makes it Carbon fiber to 7-liter engine, equipped with 8-cylinder power is the equivalent of 1250 HP more power production (typical urban vehicles of about 110 HP
Is). Other features exclusive Zenvo ST1 expensive parts and is the basic repair for any vehicle that should be sent to Denmark. Zenvo ST1 production line 3 of 15 production lines in the United States and its base price of $ 1.8 million.ts.
included in the fastest car of cars the vine in the world.

McLaren F1-386.2 km/h

high-speed- cars- in- the -world

When McLaren Unveils tub f, maximum speed 371.8 kilometers per hour were reported, but later increased this number. However, the British McLaren a coupĂ© model f-tub in 1992 and two years later the first edition the unveiling is ready to sell it to the market. Although its production line was stopped in 1998, with over 20 years of its introduction in most vehicles the world broadband row. In addition to the driver’s room design high speed, McLaren f van exclusive. The room is designed in such a way that the driver, the driver in the Center and side seats ahead of the passenger. The idea of putting a better visibility for the driver. McLaren BMW f-engine equipped with tub 1.6 liters 12 cylinder V w shape. This car has a different choice for sports cars, enthusiasts, and it does not appear that, over time, be a fan of it.

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo-everywhere-info

Saleen S7 at the Corona company located in California. The first version of saline s 7 in 2003 unveiling. This version is equipped with a powerful engine 7 liter 8-cylinder 7 was formed a few years later, a pair of Twin-Turbo Garrett was added. make Garrett Turbo idea of saline Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron in the particular family was inspired by the same Veyron and downloading from the world’s most exclusive cars Saleen S7 high speed into a giant racer with power 750 HP. Saleen S7 production company s Coupe model 7 continued until 2009 limited number, but then equip it to Garrett Turbo S7 Saleen was among the fans quickly opened.



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