Herbal medicinal plants are known to the King that is




Dill is a two-year or annual plant that sometimes its height to one meter as well. The root of that right and with a conical shape. This plant is used in most parts of the world, including parts of southern Europe, Egypt, the United States and China can be fostered.

The fruit is elliptic, flat fennel and has length 4 mm and a width of 3 mm. Paint it light brown and the bumps on its surface and in the yellow sides of the wing leading edge, it incapable of bright yellow can be seen.


Herbal medicinal plants are known to the King that is



Perhaps many taste and smell the herbs do not have love, but if you are aware of the many properties of the herbs, the desire to eat it.

Here are nine properties of this plant to introduce.

1. log on to mask a skin emollient and healing
2. taking it after controlling menopausal osteoporosis is useful
3. in the traditional medicine of the nerves to make peace
4. the treatment of indigestion, bloating, stomach and bowel spasms
5. a stop hiccups
6. increase the secretion of breast milk
7. make egg lifter stomach discomfort and sleeplessness
8. blood fat reducer
9. rich in calcium, fiber, iron, and manganese is


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