درمان گرما زدگی, گرما زدگی, علائم گرما زدگی

Sunstroke Another problem is that passengers are gripped with its revolving nature. Of course, in most cases, heat stroke and heat exhaustion principle be resolved with a short rest. But sometimes quite serious heat exhaustion on the failure to deal properly with them could easily cause irreparable effects.

Generally heat exhaustion can cause the following side effects are:
1. heat-related muscle cramps
2. fatigue
3. hypothermia

Muscle cramps caused by heat
This involves spasms of voluntary muscles because of depletion of electrolytes, usually occurs when a person caused by exposure to heat, suffering from severe sweating, lose a lot of water and salt. Then drink water, your fluid deficit regardless compensate lack of salt. In these cases includes cool the patient and administering first aid and salt if needed injection of serum.

Fatigue caused by heat
This situation usually occurs when a person caused by exposure to heat, large amounts of water and salt through excessive sweating to lose. Complaints usually include headache, nausea, dizziness and impaired vision. In these cases, first aid involves placing the patient in a cool place and water and salt to feed him. In the case of nausea and vomiting or unconscious patient, serum injection is necessary.

Hypothermia in stroke
In very hot conditions, especially in wet weather and no wind (humid), hypothermia may appear. In such a situation the body temperature rose to above 40 degrees Celsius, thermoregulation is impaired. Symptoms such as coma and convulsions may also occur. In hypothermia, suffering from dysfunction of the hypothalamus and the patient does not sweat (due to environmental conditions), the skin is hot and dry. Usually not severe dehydration and electrolyte. In these cases the patient should immediately take action to cool off. Most importantly, the rapid decline in body temperature. If the temperature may be coming down the dangerous consequences and even death notice is injured, that’s why in every possible way to bring down the body temperature.

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