Health benefits of Kiwi to the beauty of the skin

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Skin treatment: Kiwi due to having vitamin C makes the scrapes on skin treatment faster.

The stiffness of the skin: use the Kiwi puree on the skin causes nutrients to the DermIS and skin tightening.

Avoid sun damage: the Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and amino acids, which is the skin in front of the harmful rays of the Sun.

Cleansing the skin: this delicious fruit as a skin cleanser can be used because of the skin’s defense against free radicals and a balanced PH level of the skin.




Exfoliating dead cells: when the Kiwi’s skin and apply on the skin because of the enzymes contained in it the skin peeling.

The recovery of cells: vitamin E contained in the Kiwi to recover the cells.

Anti-aging: Kiwi with fight free radicals and create lines, wrinkles and aging skin lightening.

Anti-acne: Kiwi due to having anti-inflammatory properties and fight acne with skin pores clean.

Clear skin: vitamin C kiwifruit skin.

Skin Conditioner: If you have dry skin, eat the fruit makes the skin soft and moist.

Prevent skin diseases: Kiwi contains fatty acids Omega 3 and skin diseases like cancer.

Anti-inflammatory: Kiwi fruit is one that has anti-inflammatory properties and oxidative damage reduces Interior.


Health benefits of Kiwi to the beauty of the skin


Kiwi masks for all skin types

Kiwi paste masks

The skin of the Kiwi. Then half the Kiwi crush and apply on face and neck. Maybe at first, you feel itchy on the skin but gradually resolve.

Kiwi and almond mask

Almonds are a wet day. Then the mill and mashed it into the Kiwi. Apply the mask to the face, and after drying.

Kiwi yogurt mask and

Peel the Kiwi number one crush. It then composition with yogurt. Apply the mask to the face, and after 15 to 20 minutes with warm water.


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