Guidelines for removing dry lips




Dryness of the lips is one of the problems is that many women, especially in the cold days of the years of abuse. If you are one of these people, the following recommendations seriously: …


Guidelines for removing dry lips


1 – dry matte lipstick lesbians away and drag the line. Oily liquid lipstick lesbians, best cosmetics for lips lip dryness of the Lady suffer.

2 – If using dry lips have lipstick traces, it is advisable, before using it, your lips with a little ointment
Fatty with vitamin A.

3 – if needed, your lips with a soft detergent such as cream SOAP or baby shampoo wash.



4 – two teaspoons of sugar and a tablespoon of honey and dining combine the dough 5 minutes on your dry and cracked lips. Do this 2 times a day until your lips softer repeat. Can use this dough to go away on a little lip of the shell, they rub and wash with lukewarm water will eventually.

5 – before sleep, a combination of honey and Glycerin to correct and put it on your lips. Combine this morning that wakes up your lips with intense, warm water, and the miracle of your lip softening it.



6 – a fistful of feathers, leaves washed roses in a small amount of milk to soak for a few hours. Then mixed with milk, flowers, and leaves to batter the right consistency, and it’s the day 2 times on the lips are flaky or cracked. Put the dough on the lips, before going to bed, help a lot to get the softer skin of the lips.

7 – natural coconut oil 4 times a day or on your dry lips Castor. These oils, the most powerful and most effective natural lip conditioner in dry and cold days of the year.


Guidelines for removing dry lips


8 – the use of Vaseline, butter, and oils for the skin of the babies in both soften lips.

9 – while eating, but soon the cloth on your mouth corner of the soft cloth and soft on your lips and relax.

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