Henry fiery dominant Googoosh (born 1329 Solar in Tehran )  singer and actress famous in Iran is. His most popular singers of the history of music in Iran and in other countries of Central Asia and the Middle East are also many lovers.  

During the seventies, before the Iranian revolution him a ” herring Music Iran” and said.  This title after his return to America again fell on the languages in radio and television advertising return tour of this very name was used. In recent years, green volume is the best album Googoosh Googoosh cooperation again with great songwriter Ardalan Sarfaraz was.


Fiery dominant Tehran was born. His family, originally from Azerbaijanis were from Soviet Azerbaijanto Iran had done the migration.  Googoosh parents divorced when he was 2 years old.


Googoosh name Armenian is for boys. In childhood nanny Armenian her voice with this name he later adopted the name as his artistic name. But some say the name of its Armenian neighbor’s son, but also his love child has been effective. But as Googoosh in a joint interview with Ms. Homa Ehsan explained, the name his father had chosen for him, but because of the novelty of the name of the registered office of civil registration of birth and the father refuses to baby wants to be a Persian or Arabic name for selection, which he eventually called a dominating his father chooses for the baby. But at home, and generally informal places of the Googoosh calling her children. 

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