Golden House Nero Palace in Rome

Rome, October 2014, after 7 years, the doors of one of the historic palaces and its amazing open to tourists. The Palace of the “Golden House” is named, residence “neurons” cruel and crazy Roman emperor.

کاخ های بزرگ جهان,کاخ نرون,مکانهای تاریخی جهان

House neurons in Rome

‘House of Gold’ or the palace of Nero, the most exciting historical stories of ancient Rome, the excesses of neurons to create a variety of hot and cold water baths magnificent gardens and next by the Empire and the Renaissance masterpieces in its place. Employees and managers of the House, it is possible to visit some interior spaces for tours on Saturday and Sunday have provided.

As the official site of Nero’s palace in each of the two days, five stages will be held in English and Spanish. The number of groups is limited, with only 75 minutes to visit. Group of visits by an expert guide, they are full-time. Log in or moving subjects alone and apart from the group, is strictly forbidden, but in the open field, there are no contraindications.
Recent tourist groups can be in the form of terraces and fountains and meeting rooms and rooms of the palace. But note when entering the palace, according to the temperature control and protect interior spaces it is always about 10 ° C, must be in the cold season, warm clothes perfectly into the palace. Finally, the possibility to participate in tours of the palace of Nero, and tickets are available online.

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