ghar Batu Kuala Lumpur & Radon health


ghar Batu Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

عجایب گردشگری,مکان زیرزمینی عجیب,عجیب ترین اماکن زیرزمینی دنیا

To achieve huge Batu Caves should leave behind 272 rock, good to know that more than a million disabilities each year in January this route to reach the cave and hold Hindu festival.
The celebration is held in honor in this cave that the colorful Hindu god of strength, youth and virtue is the Lord Sabramanyam!
Inserting metal objects in the body, certainly for the event viewer sees from the outside, very strange, but in view of themselves an expression of devotion to the gods. It is said they are overwhelmed because for a few hours, do not feel no pain.
Radon health 4.mdn, Montana, America

عجایب گردشگری,مکان زیرزمینی عجیب,عجیب ترین اماکن زیرزمینی دنیا

Background The use and operation of the mine silver and lead ores can be traced to 1924. The mine was discovered in 1949 when it was banned after its use, a radioactive material, because the woman who was planning to invest in the mine, after the visit it was found that no trace of chronic illness in not his body.
Since then this place became mine radon therapy and many chronic patients were treated with odd and even work in the mine after the treatment of humans, because pets gathered at the mine recovered.

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