Mercedes-Benz in an effort to reduce hearing damage from loud car accidents intends to use a sound shield “if” use.

According to ISNA quoted Gyzmg, new ideas German automaker, pink noise emissions from a stereo system on the verge of provoking a physical reaction crash that will be interesting.

In its long history the company has done a lot of work in the field of automotive safety. For example, in 1978, Benz S-Class four-wheel anti-lock braking systems to deliver the first in a production car payment. In 1987, the company alongside BMW and Toyota first companies in the automotive traction control systems provide.

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In 2003, Mercedes-Benz now introduces its Pyshaymny system, which includes measures at the time of the crash is unavoidable. Such measures optimize rapid pressure safety belts, closing the side windows and the roof, blowing out seats for passengers and even move the seat body facing towards the center of the car before the accident.

The company’s most recent action, a system to protect the ears against hearing damage caused by the sound of the crash passengers has been introduced.

It works by stimulating the body’s natural reaction is performed in which the acoustic reflex, involuntary muscle in the middle ear are effectively shrunk and vibrational energy transferred to cochlea moderated.

When the muscle reacts T-shirts, the stapes in the middle ear between the eardrum and middle ear is drawn to connect weaken. The part of the reflected sound to the rear side and not the middle ear. This reflex takes about a tenth of a second to activate it, so it’s usually hear loud noises at the time of accident does not protective.

For this reason, scientists from short bursts of pink noise at 80 decibels seconds before a crash that combines all the songs may be used. 80 dB is not even close to the sound annoying but good audio Before the accident is enough to provoke a reaction. But scientists have found that offering more than one song at a time can also trigger this effect in the lower voices.

Mercedes-Benz E class car audio Pyshaymny feature this year will be presented and gradually in the coming years in other vehicles equipped with the system will be placed Pyshaymny.

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