ترس از پرواز,دانستنی های سفر

Fear of flying and how our hearts out?

For millions of people around the world, boarded a plane and fly down to the scariest things that they can do imagine. According to recent studies that have done a fear of flying, ranked third among the 10 most common fears in the world dedicated people working every day to overcome their fear and struggle. According to figures flying is 29 times safer than traveling by car. Thousands of flights on a daily basis, timely and well done, yet millions of people still are afraid of flight.

The passengers solutions such as the use of sedative drugs to overcome their fear, respectively. These medications can cause sleeping passenger during the flight and flight-related stress in this way also wiped out. But there are better ways to overcome this fear, psychologists 4 thought pattern in people who have a fear of flying, identify and techniques have been introduced to combat them.

Negative energy power
When you get to the bad situation in which they are located, a kind of obsession, and that negative thoughts he overcome, psychologists believe that the best way to combat this paradigm, this is a good thing to think . Like landscape outside the window of an airplane or video monitor showing Rvbhrvytan; it is whatever thoughts you out of a situation where you are guided and calms you.



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