Blame yourself now!
When you focus on failures and allows them to fear more than ever to strengthen in this case one can even fly because of fear of blame, but what is the best way to overcome your blame? Bring remember that this is a decision that you have to travel by plane, in fact, a great success and achievement you considered the starting point of a slow and steady process for complete conquer the fear.
do not give up
When a person feels desperate no dominance and control over the environment in which it is situated, his mind with fear, paralyzed and he can never be at rest. The best way to overcome this fear is to bring to bear on situations where there is dominance. You are on your breathing and muscle relaxation techniques, mastering you and in this way you can overcome your stress.

Do not wait for disaster
In this case, there is a fear that causes him about the bad situation in which there is or will be, not fantasy. People who say this kind of fear is fear of flying, imagine the disaster that permits almost no chance of viewing figures, the most common fear for their thought pattern is considered.

The best way to overcome this fear is the fear to accept the challenge. When the fear that you have overcome or when the problems emerged and stood tall in the recall.

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