Body fat is then slipped sugars. It releases a lot of energy in the body (9 kcal per gram of fat) but access to energy in the fat needed more oxygen in addition to plenty of water.

So climb to altitudes of more than 4 thousand meters, which is less than the amount of oxygen in the environment, its use is not recommended, however, 25% of the diet should include a climber.

A lot of fat in the body’s energy needs over time is approximately 6 to 8 hours so as a source of quick energy is consumed. The best time consumption of high fat foods is when you know you will have a break of several hours ahead. Perhaps the time has come for you; if not try to eat a few nuts during ascent difference by eating as many cookies and tea.

Fats are divided into two categories of plants and animals. Meat and animal fat such as vegetable fat such as nuts, corn, sesame, coconut and olive. In most foods, fats are invisible, such as natural milk 4% fat, meat from several percent to tens of percent fat, egg yolk is almost equivalent to their protein and fat.

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