3. Peace can be learned from the mountain.
You will feel relaxed mountain only when you know how much valuable experience. The feeling that remains with you for a while after leaving the mountains. When you are in the mountain time to sit on the rocks and enjoy the stillness and silence assign.
4. You understand beauty.
Mountain beauty can not be denied. In every season is beautiful. Waterfalls were the mountains, snowy peaks, exotic flowers and rare stones can be found only in the mountains.
5. Mountain weather is always perfect.
Very fresh and clean mountain air. Breath into your lungs are filled with freshness. With a deep breath freshness into this mess.

لوازم سفر به کوهستان,تغذیه در کوهستان

You will feel relaxed when mountain experience, you can understand how valuable
6. Time to find a different angle.
In the mountains as if time stops. Do you think that a long time the mountain has a specific shape and think the same thing will happen for yourself. Around you feel strange stillness.
7. You understand the importance of nature intact.
How good is understood that part of nature available to the public and tourists to stay away. More mountainous areas are still intact and not damaged.

8. Mountain smells great.
In addition to clean air, Mshamtan is full of good smells. Not only does it smell the smell of mountain flowers that ooze from the mountain.
9. Understood the importance of the discovery.
There is always something new to try out in the mountains. A new way to cross. Mountain satisfy the need for you to discover.

10. Air respect.
Because sometimes difficult to know how much air is important respiratory conditions in the mountains. Weather you know it’s your life, and to respect it.

کوهنوردی,سفر به کوهستان،رفتن به کوهستان

Very fresh and clean mountain air. Breath into your lungs are filled with freshness.

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