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13 mental benefits of exercise

Exercise increases brain efficiency. Mental and spiritual benefits that exercise has to include:

1 – Reduce stress

One of the most important psychological benefits of exercise reduces stress. Exercise reduces stress on the body and mind. Stress release “Ferrin” increases. This chemical substance controls the brain’s response to stress. With the help of exercise, the body can cope better with stress.

2 – increasing happiness
3 – Increase confidence

Exercise increases your positive mindset towards. The confidence increases.

4 – Enjoy the outdoors

Outdoor exercise increases self-confidence. Sports such as climbing, kayaking, and hiking in the outdoors can be useful for the mind. Vitamin D helps exercise outdoors.

5 – avoid undermining cognitive performance

It is true that rises as they age, the brain is analytical and increases the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Although exercise and proper nutrition can not cure Alzheimer’s disease but they can stop the brain from degenerating. Analysis of cognitive performance usually occurs after age 45. Exercise, especially between the ages of 25 to 45 years increases chemicals in the brain that prevents the erosion of the hippocampus.

6 – Reduce Anxiety

Chemicals that are released in the body after exercise, prevents the occurrence of anxiety. Aerobic exercise reduces moderate to severe anxiety.

7 – Increase Brain Power

Several studies have been conducted on mice and humans shows that exercise cardio – vascular brain produce new brain cells and increase performance. As well as more intense exercise increases BDNF protein in the body whose decision-making, thinking and learning, increases.

8 – Increase memory

Doing regular exercise enhances memory and learning. Exercise hippocampus cells responsible for memory and learning are increasing.

9 – Control addiction

When the body pleasure, dopamine secrete. This can be a fun exercise, drugs, eat and be discharged. Some people become addicted to dopamine. Exercise can also reduce addiction to other substances.

10 – increased comfort

A session of moderate exercise as an effective sleeping pills, especially for people who have insomnia can be very useful exercise. Exercise five to six hours before bedtime increases the body temperature. When body temperature returns to normal after a few hours of sleep the body feels that the time has come.

11 – Increase Energy

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have more energy and the ability to do different things on them is higher.

12. Increase creativity

Two hours after exercise to increase your creativity. Outdoor exercise greater influence on creativity.

13 – influencing others

People who exercise together in each other motivated and positive impact on each occasion. In fact, a member of a sports team and increased power.

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