Excellent homemade lotions and cleansers, makeup





Introducing the best excellent cleansers at home for your facial skin
Useful tools: the cute makeup of Iran that can make you more good features show, and the ones you don’t like. But shouldn’t always have makeup on your face. When the time to wipe the makeup, you need something that cosmetics without damaging the skin of the face and sensitive area around your eyes, clean.

You can use simple materials found in the home, to clean yourself of chemical-free makeup. To make sure the cleaners do not have sensitivity, 24 hours before use, a small amount of test your hand them on the wrist.

Excellent homemade lotions and cleansers, makeup

Cucumber water
A fresh cucumber peeled and grated. The eighth Cup of water with a few drops of baby oil cucumber mixed with the cotton balls on your eye makeup and apply them.

Petroleum jelly and Aloe Vera
To clear the Foundation and your face species of the rig, petroleum jelly, and Aloe Vera gels to the amount equal to the combined together and stirs well. Petroleum jelly, skin clean and moisturize and Aloe Vera, viscous waste reduces.


Almond oil
You can use pure almond oil is also used to clean up your eye makeup. Almond oil, rich in soothing the skin substances including vitamin E (an antioxidant with skin-protective properties).


Yogurt, a cleansing of the makeup is effective! Be sure to use plain yogurt, not flavored type. A cotton ball in the yogurt and use it, eg species, powder and Foundation of your face. Then wash with cold water your face.

Excellent homemade lotions and cleansers, makeup

Baby shampoo
To erase the mascara that hardly cleared on a cotton ball or paper napkins, fold a little baby shampoo and mascara. This product without the tears are made for kids, but adults can also use it.


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