Effects of green tea on weight loss





A nutrition expert reviews of the effects of green tea on weight loss have described.
About the effects of green tea on weight loss and increased metabolism stated: green tea drink full a pro around the world, especially East Asia.

He said green tea contains caffeine and polyphenols are called catechin. The most abundant catechin in green tea “OBO (EGCG)” is that many of the useful properties of green tea to the mix. In recent years many studies in the field of anti obesity effects of green tea at the cellular level, human and animal.

This nutrition expert added: “daily consumption of green tea extract capsules contain the active constituents of matter, with an increase of 4% trmogenz catechin energy and fat oxidation rates also increased with the consumption of green tea compared to the placebo group.

I continued taking tabloid extracts of catechin as 430 mg/day compared with less than 118 mg dose for 12 weeks in the men who were overweight to be a dose-dependent decrease in body weight and fat content and more.

He stated: in Japanese consumption of 538 mg catechin per day for 12 weeks reduced abdominal fat, body weight and fat tissue in comparison with the control group.


Effects of green tea on weight loss


This nutritional expert said: the result is that in human studies suggest green tea contains 612-375 mg catechin on the day, thereby increasing the rate of 4-3 percent, energy and weight loss to the extent of 5, 3-2, 0. Seems to be a daily intake of green tea in the long term to a dose-dependent manner can cause weight loss and body fat content increased through trmogenz and increased oxidation of fat tissue.

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