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Dubai sights



Dubai sights


United Arab Emirates UAE Emirate has 7, Dubai is one of the most famous of the Emirate is considered the country that has a lot of sights and shopping centers.


Dubai sights
Travel to Dubai
United Arab Emirates UAE Emirate has 7, Dubai is one of the most famous of the Emirate. Towers and modern structures, the only reason to attract tourists from all over the world to the city. If you are a lover of nature never travel to the pristine city, city of Dubai for the welcomed the landscape and attract the lovers of nature.
Before the introduction of the sights is better a little bit about public transport in Dubai know how during the trip you can manage your costs.


Public transport in Dubai and their costs:


Public transport in Dubai
The cost of taxis in the city is very expensive so it is recommended to use the Metroand buses that are more than a very low cost. Since the cost of the Metro in Dubai can be determined depending on the distance, before buying the card, you will be asked of the destination station, and tickets are issued only for that station. The two types of cards in the Metro stations for sale which includes pink cards (single and double bed linen table linen), and gray color (credit) cards.


Pink cards
These cards are not affordable at all and also, you cannot use it to ride the bus. The pink card single card table something like Metro in Iran, with the difference that the destination station is listed on them. To exit from any station you must drag the cards and if your card is not compatible with the departure station you will be fine and the cost of the station that you want to quit can be taken from you, while you are inthe hands of the card will be invalidated as well. This card is perfect once only want to use the subway. Therefore, it is recommended to contact us buy this card.


Gray color cards
Quite similar Metro credit cards in the country. You can easily use them to ride the bus as well. Gray cards are rechargeable, and even after the end of the sfortan in this country, you can take the subway ticket booth card delivery and money remaining in your card, of course, provided that the amount of the inside of the card is too lowand within the limit of 1 or 2 is not scrambled.


Public transport in Dubai
This highly accurate and buses to arrive at the station and no delay. Meanwhile arealso very clean. All Metro station you can see the lines of the metro map and find your way easily.


Jumeirah area:
In the western part of the region called the Dubai Jumeirah. This area does not have a metro station so for circulation in the sights of buses or taxis. It is recommended to prepare the map of Dubai and to go to any of the sights in the Jumeirah area withMetro is one of the nearest stations in the riverbank area where your go and from there by bus or taxi to the desired location.


Jumeirah sights include:
Jumeirah Beach:


Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach is located in Jumeirah Park and paid with little input you can use the Park and enjoy the beautiful beach. None of the Metro stations in exactly thisarea, so to reach this zone must use the bus or taxi. Of course you can with the Metro to the station Emirates Towers and go from there after the taxi to your cost less.


Wild Wadi Water Park:


Wild Wadi Water Park
One of the biggest water park in the world with a very blue rink is located in the mshhorsh area. A low-cost way to achieve this is to use a bus Park. Themselves to the Metro station First Gulf Bank go and from there by bus to the Park.


Burj al Arab:


Burj al Arab
This tower with its sail-like design, known in the world. The possibility of visiting the Tower does not exist except in the event that at least one lunch or dinner reservations at the Tower, which cost it $400 for two people at least will be high, there is a possibility to visit the tower. The way the entry Tower near Wild Wadi Park is a few minutes of this route can be walked in a distance away from the front entrance of the Tower photo.


Palm Jumeirah area:


The area of Palm Jumeirah
Artificial islands in Dubai that are regional in their place. The hotel Atlantis is locatedin this area and the only way to achieve this is the taxi area. The possibility of entering reservations to the hotel Atlantis does not exist just to get out of the hotel and surrounding the photo. Another water park located in Dubai, this hotel is the Wild Wadi entrance of course a little more expensive.


The Dubai Mall


The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world. All of the top brands in the world in this shopping center branch. Recreational facilities of this shopping centre are as follows: the ground freezes for several┬ápatinaj, cinema, Aquarium that even where there is the possibility of diving, dining hall called the “Food Court” and the amusement park. Be sure to have your mobile water because a bottle of water in this shopping center is nearly 5 times the price of the sale. The most spectacular view of the water is located next to the center of the world: water, water dance musical thatview it along with a very different song is spectacular. Also, evenings after the end hopping you control water to portray the most famous Arabic stories on the buildingopposite the Dubai Mall with music and light. See all this beautiful is totally free andyou pay no fees for the visit. With the Metro you can easily




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