Drink Chamomile tea ladies






According to a new research, drinking Chamomile tea can help more longevity in women.
University of Texas researchers have found that drinking Chamomile tea reduces the risk of death from any cause in women 65 years and above up to 29 percent.

Chamomile is one of the oldest and most proven herbs consumed in the world and for a variety of medical applications suggested. It is now used as a herbal medicine in Mexico and Mexican-Americans in the descent can be used.


Drink Chamomile tea ladies


To conduct this study, the researcher’s data related to more than 1600 men and women of Hispanic populations for epidemiological study, older people have collected and analyzed.

The population of Mexican-Americans, descent from five years and above 65 the State of the American Southwest, including Texas. 14 percent of people drank Chamomile tea.

Of course, according to the researchers not because of the relationship between the consumption of Chamomile and reduce mortality is not clear.

The data showed that the percentage of the reduction at the risk of taking Chamomile with death from any cause in women compared to non-consumers. This effect was not observed in men

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