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Deodorant composition that can be used to reduce body odor. This is because bad breath bacteria in sweat. When armpit is washed using soap with neutral pH, skin, pH of 5.4 to 6. lose its acidity and pH neutral it comes …

Bacteria, which tend to be alkaline or neutral pH environment to work in, to grow and become more colonies. Bacteria attached to the sweat glands Pvkryn and dead skin cells and hair cells of feed and causes the release of acidic substance that causes the body will stink. Armpit hair like a wick moisture away from the skin and keeps the skin dry and prevent the buildup of bacteria, thus preventing the odor. Of course, if the long hair, the bacteria on hold, removing them helps to reduce body odor, but some people should not use the motherland. Research has shown that aluminum salts in antiperspirants, the impact on the number of species have been mice or dogs. Download high levels of aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease, although this relationship does not cause it.

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Aluminum is a neurotoxin and side effects of the blood-brain barrier and cause DNA damage can predispose a person to be. In mice that were used on the skin, aluminum chloride, aluminum obvious increase in urine, serum or whole brain aluminum or liquids placenta was seen. The researchers also examined the relationship between antiperspirants and breast cancer to have. However, according to the International Association of Cancer and Cancer Society of America, this link has no basis. Philippa doctor, member of the Association believes particulate matter as preservatives in deodorants or into the blood stream and accumulate in breast tissue by stimulating the production of estrogen, promotes the growth of breast cancer cells, but the relationship between cause and there is no effect on it.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that the America people with kidney problems should not take aluminum-containing compounds such as impaired renal function put them at risk of developing them. Inflammatory disorders such as aluminum can cause Crohn’s disease, so avoid skin contact with Aluminum is very important to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s in the future. However, given that enough study has been done in this area, it is logical that the continued use of these combinations caution or the use of alternative vegetable.

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