Don’t throw away the fruit skin



The more we fritter away the Peel, the other with them because we think we can’t do anything. But I say them eat! It seems that they are not food but the skin of the fruit is, in fact, full of materials with extraordinary benefits for beauty and health.

The report revealed online, Kimberly Snyder, author of the famous book “nutrition and foods, detoxifier» says that the interesting ways to use this rich skin of nutrients in your diet.
The skin of the fruit can contain 3-4 times more fiber, fruit. Fiber played an important role in the process of detoxification of the body. Skin also contains a batch of antioxidants and anti-aging vitamins. And this last, bark fruits low in calories and fat and sugar with a low amount of.

The skin of some citrus fruits such as oranges, even higher levels of vitamin c than the fruit itself. The skin of a fresh orange, A B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, calcium, selenium, and manganese.
But how do you suck the fruit skin!?
So Snyder says that you can decorate with citrus skin salad, or that which your drink into the fold. I was recently a couple of weeks I’ve seen cooking education in Thailand, they are spicy pasta lemon peel into the kind of threw it!

Don’t throw away the fruit skin

Banana skin? Bad taste, but appear to actually eat it, the body’s serotonin levels, which can boost your mental powers and enhance morale, increases.
Sander says that the skin of a banana-like fruit is an excellent source of potassium, it itself, but soluble fiber (which makes the feeling of satiety and lower your bad cholesterol also helps) and insoluble fiber (which makes a better functioning of the digestive system).

In some areas of the world such as India and Asia cooking or frying the banana skin or taking them in the preparation of conventional desserts. Try a piece of banana peel to add to your smoothie or a few tablespoons of pureed banana peel to add ingredients for baking cakes. Whatever fruit, ripe, skin is thinner and gets a better taste of the time.
White skin watermelon, another case that contains vitamin C, vitamin B6. Strolling amino acid that is getting diluted blood and improve blood circulation. The skin separates and watermelon green white pink parts of the brain, along with juicy, pour your drinks inside.

Don’t throw away the fruit skin

Snyder is an important recommendation about eating the skin of fruits: buy organic crops that grow naturally. These products not only because of better breeding in the soil, nutritious trend but also to the education of the toxins have not yet been used.
“He says, while the organic bananas are more expensive than the usual variety, but there may be some organic products are expensive. If you’re going to the skin and the brain consumes fruits, organic fruit types I recommend because they penetrate into the skin of toxins, and completely remove them by washing is not possible. ”
The cores and seeds do not forget! Pineapple core, low-water, and more trend, but still very useful and full of the enzyme Bromelain which is proven to have anti-inflammatory effects and treatment. Snyder also says that eating a small amount of antibacterial and antiparasitic effects of papaya and can help to detoxify the liver.



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