“com on! I’m sorry! “

Lamented divorce, though it looks friendly and sympathetic, but sometimes it does not fit.Who is divorced, normally a long process Tykrdh has been chosen. Inner struggles that people have for such decisions to add struggles to do the paperwork and legal process, it’s usually a lot of people and confirm their divorce to a release from the process and is a kind of liberation. Now imagine that this new person feel relief that someone come and say sorry! It is true that we mean lamented more focused on the lives lost or unpleasant feeling that the person has experienced, but remember this sentence may be ambiguous and leads to misunderstanding, so at the time said such cases careful choice of words and if you think you do not have enough time to explain his order, the expression of such phrases to avoid.

“Yeah, well, these days, about one-third of marriages end in divorce score!”

Maybe someone in the face with a newly divorced person to say he had no intention to be. He wants to verify the prevalence of divorce to a sense of shame and reduce your discomfort, but remember there is a high incidence of unpleasant means reducing discomfort caused by it. Perhaps due to the high incidence of divorce shame to the family a little relief, but usually does not reduce one’s own problems and lead to the establishment of a pleasant conversation with another does not.

Every father and mother during the divorce, more or less to the future of his son, also thinks and of course also in the process of divorce and the courts on the issue of child thought a lot of, so it might be about the effects of divorce on children with father and recently divorced mother who do not get into an argument.

If a person divorced closely you want to upset him down, might be Byrvdrbaysty he talks and for example ask whether today’s needs or anything you can to please him to do?

Lamented divorce, though it seems to be empathetic but sometimes do not fit


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