Do not use mobile for pregnant ladies, there are complications?

It is better to apply Pregnancy in position even less mobile and cell phone use, and for the sake of the health of the embryo is that of dangerous waves it away. It is true that researchers often referred to this question Yes, but generally the long-term effects this issue is unclear.

The cycle of sleep and wakefulness can disrupt

Various research has shown carrying a cell phone by a pregnant mother can sleep and wake cycle, the embryo. The study on the reaction of the embryo cell phone alarm to repeat on a number of pregnant mothers. In this research were identified as if someone awakens you each hour was definitely not happy, does this sound and vibration caused by cell phones is causing panic in the embryo and the normal cycle of sleep he will have difficulty. What this study is unclear though how much this sound can be found on the health of the fetus or affect the pregnancy process.

More doctors are at risk

Previous research has shown that pregnant women with pregnancy complications, the doctor encountered are the most premature baby, high blood pressure and low birth weight, because it is the nature of the firefighters from carrying a pager and cell phone, of course, is a long time. Most Moms know that when they are pregnant should be faced with a lot of harmful substances including smoking and. .. Refrain. Although it cannot be said that the pregnancy is in conflict with a cell phone, but it seems a longer period of time is needed to research the results, in this case, will show itself and why it is better to observe it by the time of the caution.

The child gets more active or not?

The research that has been conducted so far show a short usage from a mobile phone there is no serious risk to the health of the fetus. But investigating the connection between the embryo and behavioral problems such as waves and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, at the time a child is shown. But other studies found no connection between cell phone use and behavioral problems. But based on the evidence of developmental delays in children 6 and 18 months old.

Note the following:

Low levels of mobile radio waves are called radiation Non-ionized are many tools such as tv, computer, and microwave radiation, this would . Non-ionized radiation is much less than ionizing radiation is provided by x-ray and CT scan update. Non-ionized radiation experts believe is unlikely to harm the baby. Most of us are dependent on Together the phones so if you don’t need to worry yourself mobile and only the face through the following methods: low

  • As far as possible from a cell phone to use less or just do not have any other option when they had to go.
  • Instead of the ringing of the SMS.
  • Short conversations as much as possible.
  • Use a handsfree head close to the different waves.
  • Where the signal is strong and that ought to call later.
  • The mobile phone in a pocket or belt and placed near the abdomen.
  • If you use an Internet phone with WiFi phones connect to the Internet and try not to use the Internet mobile line


The embryo


What the rays are dangerous for the fetus and the mother?


The most common radiation that should not be exposed to it, x rays.


In addition to x-ray, pregnant women should be placed directly in front of the rays and nuclear radiation.


Though the rays, without the weight and smell and is invisible, but in reality, a small energy in the form of waves with particles that can affect the fetus and fetal defects will bring.


Strong radiation, such as x-rays, gamma, Alpha and beta is the ability to change on the atoms. So you can have an impact on the embryonic cells, structural problems for the growing fetus. a bad impact on the mobile radiation affects the fetus.


What is a pregnancy period of more sensitive?


The most sensitive time for nit embryos to problems and diseases, from the beginning of pregnancy until about 15 weeks of pregnancy. If embryos are exposed during this time, the rays suffered birth defects and mental retardation. Severe brain damage and reduce the growth of the embryo from the complications of direct contact with the rays in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.


After 26 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is exposed to radiation, the less likely suffer severe side effects, but is still in danger and should be careful.


If during pregnancy, with the doctor’s advice to have radiation therapy or the use of x rays, certainly a strong protector on your abdominal and uterine embryo put up less damage.

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