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Diet soft drinks

Nutritionists believe are carbonated beverages with nutritional value without the acidic properties of teeth decay, obesity, malnutrition and digestive diseases, even intensify diseases such as heart and lung. Could also have, but because by knowing the consequences of still beverages we eat? In this regard with a nutritionist to the dialogue, we’ve paid.

Diet soft drinks

Dr. Jun brand Sistani nutritionist and health regime in an interview with the online jam stating: consumption of drinks, carbonated drinks, due to their abundant sugar available in a lot of calories enter the body and the body with needed calories and get your own, add the soda’s calories turn to fat and appetite to get the person plus the added calories can help encourage consumer appetites so the person Find more to eat as a result of extreme weight gain with facing but the disadvantage of soft drinks just to add weight is not the end but the long-term consumption of that person suffered a more serious consequences such as heart stroke, osteoporosis, dental caries, pancreatic cancer, hypertension and kidney stones.




He added: a lot of people are very wrong, believe that the consumption of soft drinks cause digestion in the body, drink carbonated drinks not only makes digestion but also not cause digestive acids become diluted and so digestion will be difficult. After food intake within the stomach is in terms of temperatures moderated and temperatures suitable for digestion, while the consumption of cold drinks along with the food, the heat adjustment of disrupted the food as a result of digestion can be difficult.



A false belief that among the people at vogue that soft drinks are useful for people who have kidney stones. High consumption of carbonated beverages cause calcium from the bones being removed and the entry of calcium into the blood and bone calcium in the blood stream and cause extra calcium deposition in the kidneys will be that this is ultimately the person with kidney stone formation in the kidneys or the process of the formation of these stones in the kidney can speed so if a person suffers from kidney stones do not improve what Perhaps no role.




Sistani in conjunction with diet drinks also noted: the products of artificial sweeteners that taste very sweets are prepared, but among the unpleasant news is this view that long-lasting dangers for us to create carcinogen or are about the effects these sweeteners are serious concerns there, including the primary carcinogen that was to prove they completed and now is said to be Taking the amount of conventional and allowed this sweetener is safe.


But did all the untold carbonated beverages are common causes of obesity that it is normal? But consumers also diet drinks are no exception from this rule and with the added weight of the buckle.


The dietitian about alcoholic energy drinks also said: the most important disadvantage of this type of beverages being addictive it is, therefore, in addition to the typical drinks of it all are the harms and irregularity of heart beat, increased blood pressure, increased heartbeat, dehydration, and insomnia can be short-term negative effects. Simultaneous consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are energizing causes irregular heart rhythm is abnormal and gets no title should not be taking these two together.

Diet soft drinks


Our nutritionists recommend to people is to avoid as much as possible of the soft drinks and water or buttermilk to drink along with the food.


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