Dealing with dry skin in the last days of winter




Here are some of the common skin problems with winter weather and what you need to be handy to deal with them have raised:

1. dry skin face
What to do: their faces for battle against the hard winter of attacks with the use of a mask overnight moisturizer three or four times a week! Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology medical school in New York City says: this type of treatment must be rated no layer thicker than the other night cream or cream that is used when they are sleeping so that all the pores of the face. The version made with hyaluronic acid (the absorption of moisture) and the oil, which is rich in Omega fatty acids are feeding.


Dealing with dry skin in the last days of winter


2. seared and cracked lips
What to do: a runny nose, cold weather we have to breathe through the mouth that causes thinning of the skin that gets our lips sometimes from happening in this season of suffering. When you have a long time to eat and speak constantly show the lips cracked rib, the doctor says: “use a serum with sugar lips at night, causing the moist and relief from the problem areas.”



3. scratching, arms and legs burned
What to do: the internal heating and hot water shower this time of year can be outside the hive your skin moisture from causing the itching. Keep a thick layer of moisturizer, use a fat such as butter, the article on body lotion or cream instead of one and put them next to your bed to recover exfoliate our skin when you’re asleep. The doctor says “more heavy cream to form a barrier and the water supply for the commodity of reduces moisture loss he also adds: butter and cream are great buttery fat materials that this material is used in lotions.


Dealing with dry skin in the last days of winter


4. shrinking body of water
What to do: have a moisturizer in your bedroom can be a number of problems, including winter lips cracked and dry sinus treatment. Steam produced makes the production of moisture in the air is otherwise loss of moisture increases dryness.

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