Daspark hotel, Austria


Daspark hotel, Austria:
Avtnshaym area on the edge of a river in Austria, a hotel called “Daspark” that its customers any amount they want to pay money. The rooms that we rent them as desired by bargain on the price, the tubes are made from recycled sewage. Each room includes a flat tubular facilities, warehouses, woolen blankets and electricity. The coffee shop is an interesting hotel bathroom and it is noted that in the adjacent public park.


هتل,عجیبترین هتل های جهان,جالب ترین هتل های جهان

Hotel Alkp Oy, Turkey:
The hotel inside the rock that formed from volcanic eruptions, built on the highest point of the area “ürgüp” Turkey. The rooms comprise the caves that have been created within the rock. At first glance it may seem scary, but this hotel and its rooms Each of the rooms has a picturesque terrace of the city and the park surrounding the eyes of the guests.

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