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The irony is that lack of artistic proportions in different social spheres that appear tailored to look and shows this to be a source of laughter. The art of imaginative, artistic and aesthetic expression and disproportion in the «metnasbat».

The root of the word

Humor in the word is meant to be sarcasm, but the original meaning of the work that has gone before is meant to be a surgical blade.

The difference with humor and satire comedy

Of the types of satire, but the difference is that it has keenness and pungent comic satire on explicitly. Furthermore, in the reformist and social destinations normally humor is humor to reduce the quality and authority of someone or something in a way that causes laughter and entertainment and sometimes it is crushing. Of course, the difference between humor and comedy time. In the comedy usually, laugh because laughing, but laugh in humor for mockery. Thus, by the irony is not the goal. In a comic who can be criticized might be a particular person or a type, or a class or nation and even a race. Sometimes the authors champion the effect to be ridiculous, but he’s the one or those outside of Murad’s literary work and therefore may even be of his invective.

Humor in literature to a certain type of poetic or literary works that contained errors or undesirable aspects of human behavior portrays the social and political thought or even a funny philosophical challenges.


In the definition of satire:

“The literary work which uses humor and anger, upside down, parody, social education and the weakness of human societies to review.»

Dr. Johnson’s humor means: “this kind of poem in which evil and stupidity of censorship.”

We always humor as something good that fact to all accepted looms. This is one of the most obvious our imaginations than humor. However, Mohammad Hadi pour Ibrahim in an article titled the art of humor as angular or repressive of different institutional categories have a look at the humor and irony is exclusive to repressive and totalitarian societies like that is another way to dialogue and dialogue not found and merely by telling humor The difficult situations one after the other behind and never sought to find a solution to the problem would not come to look upon such humor is so fresh … and exquisite and creative that had anyone of this vision to look at humor.

Mohammad Hadi Ibrahim hand in writing for the poor, and with plenty of studies now a famous Linguistics is considered in this article and other articles that dealt with issues less interesting that someone has thought of this writer and linguist in this article in that publication is published to review readings humor as a repressive institution that is reading this article is very interesting and hearty .

In ancient Iran, literature, humor, as independent literary type is not known, and certain other critical issues with border and laughter were not successful because of the words and parody and so humor also often bore the meaning it means ridicule, sarcasm, and writers and poets in mind, but in an indirect criticism of the modern means of social aspect with a laugh that seasoned reform and educational and informative aspects of gay satire of the Murad The Greek roots are European is getting where the author or poet with zoom and more appear ugly and negative ways and the Blazon of the flaws and deficiencies of the phenomenon in the social life and relationships, to hint, modifying and fixing them. In recent literature on the proper place for a century has opened its climax and full color it can be found in the constitutional period.




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