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The city’s famous natural attractions that every winter to winter sports such as skating and hockey enthusiasts witnessed the Rodeo channel that it is the first World Heritage ….

Cities that 30 degrees below zero is normal for them!

The second half of the solar year for many countries in the northern hemisphere are the coldest months of the year. That’s why if you are going abroad you have to know which are the capital of the coldest air. But really what are the cities that have the coldest weather in winter?

As the sun and heat for many cities to attract tourists is a godsend for many of the cities tourist attraction is the snow and cold, especially for the Arab states of the Persian Gulf and that many of them have never seen snow, for those who live in towns close to the equator, as well as for those who are interested in skiing and snow play. The movement of tourists between the two peoples have always been and will always hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere it is winter in the southern hemisphere when the weather is nice and warm, and vice versa, which makes much of the middle of the summer of the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere countries playing Wham snow travel.

But really what are the cities that have the coldest weather in winter? In this article we present 10 of the world’s capital of cool:

1 – ASTANA, Kazakhstan

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

The city, which since 1997, has as its capital from Almaty Although gaining an international reputation due to its unique architecture, but also temperatures of minus 52 degrees, which has won tremendous cold. Buildings such as the Peace Palace, the Presidential Palace mosque Kavrda or light threshold are usually in the direction of the viewer are such famous monuments of the city. 105-meter building without leave (Bayterek) and it symbolized the city’s watchtowers, according to a story – the legend and history of the Tree of Life, the legendary bird of happiness and an egg in its place.

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

2 – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar city in winter the temperature reached 49 degrees below zero, on the river shore and production has been surrounded by the four sacred mountains with forests of pine trees intertwined with the Northern slope and amplitude of the Prairie South covered .

The city’s hot summers but winters are harsh so that even locals have grown accustomed to this weather also forced to wear a special coat made of camel wool are.

3 – the meniscus, Belarus

Contrary to a temperature of minus 40 degrees in winter meniscus having a reputation for being temperamental people. Clean streets, parks and streets that are thick thanks to the low number of tourists is always empty. However, it is full of attractions that is the nature of all cultural visitors. Circus meniscus including places that are worth a visit and is especially good place for recreation for children. Apart from all these features, low cost services and entertainment the city than most European cities, an issue that is largely water ice, sub-zero temperatures it is for tourists.

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

4 – Ottawa, Canada

Srdbvdn Ottawa and temperatures of minus 37 degrees in the city, its citizens like the rest of Canada to a famous winter sports as ice hockey is pushed.

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

The city’s famous natural attractions that every winter to winter sports such as skating and hockey enthusiasts witnessed the Rodeo channel that it is the first World Heritage Site. Channel past the city has become the world’s largest natural rink.

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

5 – Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s cool capital of the vast nature of the sea and surrounding archipelago and the city faces the mix of urban chic and with nature is beautiful and attractive. The temperature of minus 33 degrees in mid-winter, the city has the opportunity to sweep enthusiasts Winter brings ice to the surface, to skip them.

Central Park in this city, a place that all lovers of winter sports, the opportunity to learn and perform these activities in which they are found.

6 – Bucharest, Romania

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

Although Bucharest cold winter and beautiful but the crowd of tourists have often seen in the spring when melting. The city’s winter temperature is minus 32 degrees, however, the “Little Paris” of Europe, rather than Zmsany attractions, a mixture of neoclassical architecture, ancient Roman tower Communist era buildings that have this style to entice tourists View they pay.

Highlights of the city, such as its title, inexpensive services that is very affordable compared to Paris.

7 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius city in 2009, as Europe’s Cultural Center Tow mess, is one of the European cities that has the necessary features for weekend tourists.

Only a short distance from the city, snowmobiles enthusiasts, the opportunity to ride on the snow-breaker earned devices and can ride in the snowy forest trails and fields.

Lake temperature of minus 30 degrees thanks to the environment, it is the best place for fish and frozen fish barbecue after a long-term riding snowmobiles

Other features of tourism in the city allows tourists along with local residents surrounding villages and spent a night in the snow and trees and cold.

8 – Tallinn, Estonia

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

Tallinn city at this time of year, as temperatures of minus 30 degrees Vilnius, with its medieval ancient village and the land of white snow to attract tourists. The only dangerous part of the city, the presence of polar deer population is likely to create a nuisance that sometimes creates serious for tourists.

9 – tip, Greenland

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

Negative in 5/29 degree tip of the ice and his beautiful face that surrounds the beginning it has become one of the most unique capitals of the world. Visitors to the city can be used to describe the icy land with the helicopter flew over the city and to see the ruins of Norse (Norse) or Search Wall deflections coastline floating in it. National Museum of the city, which is located in the Old Quarter tip, the center for better understanding of Greenland’s frozen past and the stunning nature it is today.

10 – Warsaw, Poland

Greed city embracing the culture, almost half of Europe’s cultural attractions it has. Museums, galleries and historic sites, cultural landscapes and environments such as the Palace of Culture and Science, one of the tallest buildings in Poland is the remains of Stalin’s school of architecture in this city has a special feature. Features that even at 29 degrees below zero this city does not freeze.

سردترین پایتخت های جهان! (+عکس)

Warsaw tourist attractions can be Vylychka salt mine, Vavl castle and cathedral of Krakow, Alblag channels, the house upside down and tallow mountains and rivers tad noted Dvnajk.

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