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Clever children




The report revealed online, in that the influence of technology, communications and the multiplicity of types of media span along with elevated levels of the culture of families in action and the reaction of the children fallen effective, no doubt, but is it a component in an increased amount of IQ is also effect?

The question we raised with, psychologist, and he asked that is what kids see in their speech and behavior, to prove that they are smarter than previous generations, is sufficient or not?
Avoid explicit answers from a psychologist does and says, parents should make sure their child’s intelligence with the factors that are affecting the growth, are familiar to their child being in the field of intelligent comment.
He pointed out that “the general public think of genetics and environment on the children’s intelligence has an impact,” adds to my belief does not have much influence genetics but the environment can be very effective. Nowadays, the environment that we have in terms of mental stimuli, there is much richer than in the past, tools, games, and children’s creative progress of technology for prosperity are highly effective but it should be noted that these factors can inhibit the growth of the child’s intelligence is, in this way because of the existence of a large amount of information, children and adolescents may be confused and become confused.

Clever children

On the other hand, the type of games has been changed and the control computer games more and more subjective and non-interactive in the children’s emotional and social intelligence to total ruin.
We all know that by doing regular physical activities and movements, the number of active brain cells increase, but nowadays with the motion and reduced physical activity, this would not be attained.
You ask, what should we do?
The psychologist in response to this question, referring to parental interest for more information in order to become more intelligent children, which gives professionals the number of components of the increase of intelligence has found a hand; for example, by registering their children in a variety of sports and music classes can find child process incremental intelligence, as well as people who have read the book to their children, whereby they are intelligent, of course, must be Noted that the large number of classes can also create problems for the baby and he’s tired, so in this context do not indulged.




The importance of the role of the emotional relationship between parents and children is not covered by someone he believes: the emotional relationship between the amount of the children’s intelligence and even affect more families today, but unfortunately this is not serious at the component and constantly thinking about their child’s registration in the best schools or in a variety of classes and are … That basically this is deemed wrong. Another influential point on the climb children’s feeding intelligence is correct. If the types of vitamins, proteins, and minerals needed by the body to provide the adequate amount, up to a large size in the direction we’ve taken baby steps and increased intelligence; though much expectation and extreme of very high intelligence and create food in the open also is wrong.
The most important family environment that can impact directly on children intelligence growth, in terms of family environment that feature and information at the disposal of the child’s direct role on intelligence expressed interest, and he will pay attention to the baby or the child, to provide appropriate toys for flourishing talents, reading the book aloud and interact with them on various things to help grow their anesthesia.

Clever children

The psychologist provides that “such a conclusion, in General, can not be concluded that children today smarter than previous generations of children are, literally, and if the environment according to the patterns of the rich scientific and specialized, certainly will be a positive effect, but some mistakenly think their child’s registration under the age of home education, will help the growth of the child’s anesthesia, while such a long time, tired and child behaviors He strikes back. ยป
Finally being the presence or absence of technology, in and of itself, is not intelligence increased; as in the past, as well as the lack of technology, not by virtue of the previous generation are more intelligent, more as well.






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