Cleansing facial makeup



Milk cleaner one of toiletries needed all that lady to wipe their face makeup needs it. Instead of buying milk chemical cleaner and conditioner, a homemade recipe with the following products for your home easily.

Cleansing facial makeup
Cleansing facial makeup

Rose water, water prohibit
A good producer of pure rose water alone into account. Rose water can cause skin roughness and colored to be stimulated. This amazing liquid skin cleaning and fat makes the youth and beauty of your skin. Also rose due to its antioxidant and various vitamins, symptoms of aging can be prevention and nutrition of the skin.

Natural disinfectant properties of disinfectants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria as well. Rose water for its soft skin of inhibitory effects. Therefore, people with dry skin, it is better for your skin to moderate soft, of rosewater. A cotton pad dipped in rose water to your massage on the skin, and, thus, also the cosmetic ingredients of your skin you pure and refreshing to be in your gift.


For a better and more effective layout of having clean, you can change a wet cotton pad to rose with a little coconut oil and then put in to mix together. This is a natural skin care product and producer higher pattern is clear. This combination can be used to wipe the eye pattern, providing that this Act is quiet. Rose water skin and forsaketh it wonderful to. For your skin shine and beauty more rose patterns, their patterns, spray-on.


Apple, potato, fennel, and sweat
The combination of Apple, potato, fennel and sweat is a wonderful composition for cleaning skin. Apple, potato, useful to maintain skin lipids and PH balanced, “makes it”; in addition to the reduction of grain and red spot on the skin helps. Fennel is also full of female hormones (estrogen) and warm nature. Inhibitory effect of purified FV on the skin, disinfectants and clear has resulted in the loss of rupture, and around the eyes. Equal amounts of Apple vinegar is sufficient and the mix of fennel and sweat in a glass dish in the maintenance package. If your skin is sensitive, less the amount of vinegar. Do not forget this combination because there do not use vinegar on the eyes and cotton dipped to combine several times apply on face.

Natural conditioner for lips
A tablespoon nut oil
3 tbsp coconut oil
1.4 tablespoons grated beeswax
Two tablespoons of cocoa butter
Pour all the ingredients in a container vessel in the larger container this water filled float that. it’s on low flame until it melts together. When cool, put it in a small vessel and use it daily.

Cleansing facial makeup
Cleansing facial makeup

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