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Charlie Chaplin quotes

A rare inscription belonging to “Charlie Chaplin» the first efforts of this genius of comedy to the cinema the film shows the significant dialogue, were discovered. In celebration of family archives, “Charlie Chaplin”, a 50-page handwritten text was discovered that marks the first attempt of this renowned cinema face to enter the world of movie dialogue.

charlie- chaplin- quotes

This text is the hand-written trace of satire about colonism which is derived from a trip to Bali island of Indonesia, “Chaplin” in 1932. He was going to make a film with the name of the (Bali) that if you make the realization of the first film he was that along with the dialogue, but the fate of this figure is that the film “the great dictator” in 1940 that year of feats is the title with Chaplin.

charlie chaplin quotes

The most important works of the Repertoire of the film Charlie Chaplin can be found from “the tramp”, “occupation”, “Bank”, “fire officer”, “easy Street,” “dog’s life”, (shower Feng), (the LAD), (Pilgrim), (woman of Paris), (the gold rush), (the circus), (city lights), (new age), (the great dictator), (ordo mosio), (lime light), (Soltani in New York), (kentsi of Hong Kong), (home to the shower), (Professor) (upper floor).

charlie chaplin greatest speech - great dictator

Chaplin the artist in the family born in London after her arrival to the world of cinema could slow progress on the comedy style
The first time you heard the sound of the audience in the film, Chaplin the finals was “a new era”

During the activity has won several awards like Academy Award for best musical (the light lime) in 1973, an Honorary Academy Award in 1972, the year’s Best Screenplay Oscar in 1948 for (ordo), Oscar best actor and best screenplay in the year 1941 (the great dictator), an honorary Oscar in 1929 for the movie (the circus), an honorary award from the American Association of Directors, Silver Award for the best foreign film of the footwear Association of film journalists Italy in the year 1953 (lime light). Honorary Gold Lion Award in Venice, 1972 year.

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