Characteristics of a good brush and suitable for hair




Brush tunnel
This brush because of the open and its V-shaped ducts called tunnel. This is open to allow the passage of air flow ducts. The resulting warm air hair dryer on the hair to come in passing “and its roots hair and causes an increase in the speed of the drying hair and seems to be the bulk of it coming. This is due to the large gap brush his hair to reveal knot needle is also a good choice.


Characteristics of a good brush and suitable for hair


Significant cushion brush
This brush has a significant cushion base made of plastic that is mounted on the brush pins. Generally this type of curvy little brushes. Use this brush for smooth and pave the hair (without giving volume) is used. If you are using a metal needle tip is better than plastic hub needles, termination pursuant to scratch the scalp and hair breakage.

Paddle brush
This cushion brush is somewhat similar. Differences in the type of cushion, the size, and shape of it are toward larger cushion brush, and wider. Used it more bushy hair, but its smaller size for short and medium hair can also be used.

Broad brush
The shape of these brushes are oval or rectangle is not important differences. In relation to size, longer wash as soon as possible, you should use a larger brush but very well no matter. Larger brushes more area, cover up and so is a good idea for the lazy girls. If you don’t have a round brush, broad brushes for household hair dryers are good. Maza says that if there is a hole in the body of the brush, or cloudy, the better.

Circular brushes
As its name suggests, this circular or tube in the form of brushes, namely its needles on a cylindrical rod mounted and come out.

An important thing that must be said about this kind of brush it is contrary to what appears to be the only brush the curls of hair application. But by choosing the right type of this brush can be used to achieve the desired hair model, for example, to achieve the right hair and the standing of its needles that brush is a great distance, and to smooth the hairs of the brush is denser. Note that the higher the diameter of the brush becomes more smooth hair is, the more so for far less with the diameter of the brush should be used.


Characteristics of a good brush and suitable for hair


Thermal brushes
Today, new types of brushes are called thermal brush enters the market. These brushes are the main classification component of the brush. But the new versions are in the brush within the thermal element used to brush and hair dryer at the same time and time efficiency.

Thermal brushes are usually circular type tunnel and model types, but it also can be seen in the market. If you have a component that people have damaged hair, we recommend that you strictly ً brush do not use heat.

When you drag the brush benefits
It may be all we can pull the hair from the brush daily (two to three times a day), but this work is very important for the health of the hair. Removing hair knots is important, but the effect of the brush drag of the hair is that it improves blood flow in the scalp. The good news: brushes the hair pulling as well as a gentle massage to the head skin.

Characteristics of a good brush
Sure you’d like to know when buying a good brush should have what features to consider so that you can sort your wash well and at the same time to damage your hair and scalp into the. We here are tips for buying a good brush to provide you:

▪ Better sex nylon brushes hair is not plastic. Nylon hair is more flexible and less liable to harm to wash.

▪ When buying brushes categories carefully. The ergonomic handle brushes allow you to have that it’s better in the hand and a better control of the wash also when brushing.

▪ Make sure you have a fabric padding at the end there is a brush hair because this padding makes your hair when you comb out with a brushless damage.

▪ The brushes to buy round the ends of the hair. This Web site makes your scalp hair brushes are damaged and not injured. At the same time, the brush hairs apart and are better than single hairs sticking together.

Healthcare brushes
To make the cleaning brush after each time you have a comb out the extra hair wash, it will bring out the fish at least once and it will wash with warm water and SOAP. It is better to set your brushes to the hairdresser, the hairdresser when you brush for makeup is used and the possibility of multiple people head the transfer of diseases of the skin and hair, such as fungi, lice, and alopecia. Your brushes are quite personal and make it even to the members of your family do not borrow. The possibility of transferring germs of diseases of the skin and hair between members of a family get together there

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