Causes eye regurgitate


Causes eye regurgitate

– the closure of the tear duct of the eye

– infection of the eyelid

– inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis)

– inflammation of the eyelashes

– inflammation of the conjunctiva

– bacterial eye infections

– viral eye infections

– allergen or allergens, such as pollen or air pollution

– cosmetic eye

– chlorinated pool water while swimming

– dry eye in the wind

– a cold

– foreign bodies in the eye, such as cilia, tiny particles of metal, dust or sand.

If you vomit good eyes not to see eye to eye discharge, take Antibiotic culture and also evaluate the tear ducts

In what should be an eye doctor?

– If the volume of the discharge is enough to cause the eyelids to stick together to be a sign of an eye infection (conjunctivitis) will be.

– If the secretion of large eyes and massage the inner corner of the eye (near the nose) is pus. But if the volume is low and it is only in the corner of the eye, is natural and does not require special action.

– red and swollen eyelids or the surrounding skin.

– Eyesore

– loss of vision, blurred vision or double vision

– There is a foreign body in the eye that is not easily removed.

– injury to the eye

– spraying chemicals into the eyes

– inflammation of the eye in children younger than one month

– clean or eye discharge that lasts more than a week.

– If the eyes after three days of treatment, not to recover.

عفونت و قی چشم نوزاد, بیماری های چشمی

Gum is a sign of eye diseases caused

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