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Catarrh treatment effects without the allergic




The new studies, scientists revealed a new spray a powder can be used in the nose can be symptoms of catarrh, common side effects without causing allergic reactions in other medicinal treatments destroy.
This original blend of cellulose powder that is a plant cell walls, and made with the creation of jelly that is like a barrier against pollen,. a clinical trial to assess the impact of the powder indicated that this treatment could be allergic symptoms of catarrh of the nose and the same antihistamine or steroid influence food without their side effects.
Catarrh treatment effects without the allergic
Allergic catarrh in some parts of one of every five people will be impressed and will lead to the occurrence of symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. These symptoms are caused allergic reaction to the pollen are stimulated.
Soft powder, the researchers rated the protein that can produce the chemical histamine in the body that cause inflammation, itching and inflammation of the nose, the eyes, throat and sinuses, common therapies. include antihistamines that can dealwith inflammation and swelling.
Catarrh treatment effects without the allergic
The side effects of the use of antihistamines include drowsiness, dry mouth and blurred vision and research, long term use of steroids after three weeks with an increase in health problems like weight gain and associated muscles are weakening.
New treatment by a device to spray the inside of the nostrils. When the powder wasimported to existing humidity environment of the nose on the wall reacts and a protective gel layer. This gel material of contact allergens with nasal cells within the block.
Cellulose powder used in this trial now as Care Allergy Defence and Nasaleze is available on the market.
The researchers in this study used 108 volunteers some of whom cellulose powder and some other placebo three times a day to work. Results achieved, people who have used cellulose powder, reduce their symptoms dramatically in view.
The results of this research in the Archives of Allergy and Immunology InternationalJournal is published.
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