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According to Al-Quds quoted online jam, white wines do not affect kids ‘ glasses on the score. Children’s glasses score the physical eye is a failure when the length of the eyeball is shorter than its refractive power, the child with round-nose and when the length of the eyeball is longer than its refractive power, develop myopia. Astigmatism is when that happens to be refractive eye child on different topics. Therefore, there is no effect on the wines of these physical features do not have eyes.
A rich source of beta-carotene, carrots, and beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, vitamin A in the body can be converted to. Although vitamin A to strengthen the immune system, protect the skin and also the performance of Visual cells in the retina is necessary but its consumption, impact the physical dimensions of the eyeball which causes the update to be the refractive defect.


Refractive eye by optometrists to be evaluated and if they need to prescribe glasses, prescription glasses suitable for the child. Sometimes the flaw is not the cause of poor vision even with glasses prescribed refractive vision correction is not a child and may be a failure relating to the transmission system of the light to the retina or retinal nerve section and the optic nerve, which is essential in the cases, the child is required to handle the referral to the eye surgeon doctor.

Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice how often such as consumption of fruits and fresh vegetables is necessary for health and can provide the necessary vitamin a help but indulge in drinking carrot juice not only doesn’t help your eyesight but sometimes because this vitamin is soluble in water and fat, extra value it is not excreted through urine, causing their accumulation in the body which can be harmful to the subject person. Sometimes indulge to parents to children forced to drink carrot juice makes baby’s skin color to purplish Orange carrots, which represents the accumulation of beta-carotene in carrots because the body is responsible for the orange color of carrots the same vitamin A precursor beta-carotene ASP. In these situations, even when the lower eyelids drew down the side of the child, the accumulation of orange color on the eyelids.

Vitamin A through other food such as milk and dairy products, eggs and green and yellow vegetables also provide color and be a normal good nutrition should never worry about a lack of vitamin A in the body. If you do not drink red wines too through the daily routine of this vitamin nutrition.
It is worth noting, is related to the physics of refractive eye and if not corrected, can cause blurred vision, lazy eye and other side effects in children and adult vision system. This complication, according to global statistics on the top factors leading to vision damage. Therefore, this should be noted and its serious disorders.


In most cases, the exact prescription glasses are suitable for almost all the problems related to child related refractive eye damage can be controlled and prevented. Remember, if you eat the carrot juice was amended and the sight glasses for sight, a lot of people around the world, including the employed medical society used this way their glasses and set aside.

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