The first and most important energy source in the body and is a substance that quickly carbohydrates are digested and absorbed quickly by the body. Carbohydrate molecules by size into three categories monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide are divided.

The carbohydrate molecules are smaller than water and less oxygen for digestion and become energy needs. For example, a monosaccharide honey is absorbed from the mouth begins – although eating it due to its acidic and cereal starch polysaccharide dates Nknyd- overused and need to absorb a greater amount of water and oxygen.

Since each gram of carbohydrate provides about four calories consumed should not exceed 55% of the diet of a climber will be included. Carbohydrate foods can always use the best of them, including rice, pasta, potatoes and bread Ast.msrf too much carbohydrates could increase side effects such as blood glucose, insulin secretion and ultimately bring muscle fatigue while on the way More will be Tshnhtan.

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