Spouses like-minded, life is much more durable than the spouses just beautiful face


When the astronomical statistics relating to the use and consumption of cosmetics and all sorts of cosmetic surgeries throw really no surprise, concern and regret will be that our country is among the most widely used of these countries …

Every young girl and new couples the right to pay attention to the beauty and the attention to significantly raise the chances of him about his concerns and contribute to woo the beautiful wanting to be inherent in any person of I just I want to try my questions and I invite you to the honest judgment whether we think we have a comprehensive Hassan and Jamal? Or it’s just the general things such as, height, color, shape, however, have restricted call for all of us is that there are more valuable things that have to pay them, but to hell with it all confessions and all denied confessing that honor, modesty , education, honesty, reflection, elegance, simplicity, Bytklfy, warmth, contentment … are all acceptable but the surprise is that we know and do not know when the situation so woe to.

If any of the above items with statistical graphs show undoubtedly the most beautiful and incomparable contribution to dealing with other cases. Young women accused of something I do not want my only question is whether Hasan only beautiful in appearance?

If you have many advantages, including beauty What will you be worried if you finally end of life beautiful Draztan act. Your body will go into obesity and disability.

You to harness your future couples can not only depend on both the beautiful face and extremities, whereas millions of dollars spent on it if you got the funds properly addressing the merits of the other beams in the bow you’ll make a, for example, husband the set familiar music . Charming read poetry. Beautiful voice. Feelings of love pours in the Word.Information Studies and enjoyable to hear. Talents and skills learned a lot of life and how beautiful to teach others. No man can escape from the trap of all faith and love of each headless i ask again. There are many ways to beautify the latest, all the beauty we love you.

Spouses like-minded, life is much more durable than the spouses just beautiful face, can not think about it so much aesthetic chief. God forbid, you will have a much intellectual morbid obsessions. Your beautiful soul, a beautiful quiet sometimes knocks on the door, be careful if the’ll hear and see. Understanding the pinnacle of beauty is the beauty of women in life are dominant. If your man with his net Afkndyd Jamal Jamal cord will rot quickly. But if you found himself in will build a solid foundation said. Note the following orders for durable life that I think if you liked doing it.

Especially in front of others express support each other and love (not excessively) Do not allow these to be sacred secrets stay locked in your heart. Clothing, Cosmetics for your spouse to choose them carefully. He is aware of everything if you really love, you must create a sense of security at him. Do not understand what he wants to express curiosity. If telling the truth fire is burning spirit and passion for life and communication within the hearth fire empathy and communication holder of the fire that destroys everything in its path and injured there. Create emotional safety.

The time to be together your own creations. Before being together or alone in a boy’s experience at the time still love you both there are moments energy in ways that you had in the park or restaurant during the candidacy period where food is revive the Mykhvrdyd, of course without boys only together. Keep the love alive.

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