Bugatti Veyron


The French company Bugatti is a very advanced in the 1990 ‘s by the Italian genius Ettore Bugatti and the ninth in order to produce cars and lure sazakh just this handful of people hands

Great cars.


After the start of World War II, the company was destroyed, company and country wagon was purchased by German flex.


The first model of this vehicle is called the Veyron with a cylinder of thrusters that vs 18 for a three-cylinder 6 row is unveiling.


After Ann fashion l 16 l cylinder strength equivalent to that of the volume 7993 1040 1020 HP car was built, the maximum production speed of 407 km/h Ann. 1000 acceleration of this model in the duration of 2.75 seconds 7.16 seconds to 340 km of the Veps.


After a few years, it became clear that the fastest car Bugatti Veyron, and company reputation at risk. but the Bugatti

Failed to submit model 1200 heater horse himself who is the famous Bugatti unveils new iron, but this time, the speed of the record which ran 434 km is now the fastest vehicles of the world.



Bugatti model 1300 that the heater said the horse will be shipped like other cars Bugatti. Note

That sucks for instance after 15 minutes 100-liter bac n will be empty and after 12 minutes the tires n so

You are the token dough.


And tryout different is this expensive car that is about 800 thousand dollars spent get made up removed

And 1.2 billion will be sold to destroy.


In the not too distant future, the Bugatti Veyron with a new series of the cylinder will be shipped 24 thrusters



Ironically, that a British company about a make (a XVIII) made from the Bugatti in 24 karat gold and parts of NLP-NLP is the equivalent of 7 carat diamond and precious stones of about 3000 dollars on NLP.

According to the British magazine CAR reports, replace the Bugatti Bugatti Veyron

The French company bugatti is a very advanced in the 1990 ‘s by the Italian genius atore Bugatti and the ninth in order to produce cars and lure sazakh just this handful of people hands


According to the British magazine CAR reports, replace the Bugatti Veyron only 2 seconds from zero to 100/h km.

This report shows that the Bugatti Veyron successor car called the Chiron. Although on the one hand

The 14-cylinder car engine, engineers considered the motor of the car, but this 8 liter and 16

Cylinder with W-shaped cosmetics will carry interest. This Supercar with the power over HP and functional 1478

Even the exceptional number of formula one cars to skhreh.

It seems that the torque on the Veyron supercar like this car model 1500 nm. Of course, this is not going to be the same two cars so that alleged 92 percent of chiron, the parts are new or changed. It is also claimed that the engine of this car with direct injection will be provided along with the electric turbo that by taking the cylinder, turn off the features of this car would be more practical in daily tasks.

In terms of performance, half a second earlier than chiron Bugatti Veyron and only 2 seconds from zero to 100 km/h and eventually the speed of 415 km/h km/h increased to 463

Chiron, which is competing with any speed on your side don’t.

Bugatti Veyron supercar with or consumption of 100 liters per km 23.1 always seems to be hungry.

Bugatti Veyron to cut thirst for cars plans with combined consumption changes to chiron 20 liters 100 kilometers.

Bugatti chiron was originally supposed to be the new mascot, but this year, Volkswagen boss Ferdinand bolt express

The construction of this car needs more time and must wait for it to stay until 2016.

Fuel consumption estimates


  • 1000 horse power almost equivalent to 2.6 billion joules per hour. A gallon (3.8 liters) of gasoline contains 132 million joules, so 1000 wasabi engine must be no more than 20 gallons (76 liters) of gasoline per hour

Burn down.


  • Although the motor vehicle only 25% anergic the delivery of fuel to the wheels. 75% of this energy is converted to heat. So basically, for the motor vehicle in the power supply must be 80 gallon In

20 gallons of gasoline consumed the clock change. Or the same 5 liters per minute.

We need to have a 16-litre engine to be able to 5 liters per minute burn fuel. Dodge engine 8 Mojave as well

ML and 500 horse production.


But there’s a problem: the V-8 engine sixteen liters I am large and the large piston. As well as the

It is not possible to be able to turn with a 6000 rpm and up to 2000 RPM more cannot be

Have circulation

Featured properties


The w-16 engine features amazing Bugatti. for example:

  • The motor has 4 valves per cylinder and the valve has a total of 64.


  • Have a system working with oil and a dry compartment that is borrowed from formula one is cars.

With a domestic guarantees for complex oil path as appropriate for something cool and oil 16-cylinder

  • Electronic control has. Have the time of your continuous variable cam for optimum performance in

Different engine goes to work doreai.

  • Has huge radiators that have wasted gr of burning 5 liters of gasoline per minute will attract
  •  Every thing about this motor is best. A series of compact and Interestingly this engine only.

710 mm length, meter,width 889 mm and 730 mm height.


For harnessing this amount of horsepower and torque, the need for a power transmission system is amazing.

Transmit power:


This makes the vehicle without power transfer because it must be more than twice the torque of cars sports

The previous control.


Power transfer this vehicle includes the following:


  • A seven-gear
  • Dual clutch system (double)
  • Switch Skuynsal
  • Switch into a computer system


This into a computer control system similar to the system that is in formula one racing and cars Will be used. No clutch pedal or lever switch for the driver. The clutch disk computer to a real switch control good. this computer is able to switch gears in 0.2 seconds.


Often it is impossible that all w engine torque-16 just two wheels to be moved without having those two wheels on the ground and just eat their paces around the head. So the Veyron ever moving wheels. Using the (traction control system), the vehicle will be able all the horsepower the engine even at full acceleration mode to work. For further explanation see the animated about the four wheel system:

Differential AOD, as well as the work of “how” and “how the work moving wheels”

Bugatti Veyron body


According to one of the designers of the Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Veyron is the biggest challenge in designing

Its aerodynamics. How can car 400 km/h with a passenger on the road keep?

The size of the Bugatti Veyron


79 inches (2 m) width, 176 inches (4.47 m) in length and only 48 inches (1.22 m) height.


Remember that “Hummer 2” (81.2) inches wide. Artfaash more than the Veyron too wide.


On the other hand, the surface of the underside of the Veyron, such as formol is a car, Spindle and  that increases the downward the force. Often there is a ball at the back of the Veyron at the speed

The top opens automatically increases the downward force and will hold the car to the road.


Shown that the  Super car Sport by having high in back they animated balche sarathai weight

The equivalent of 100 kg at the rear of the vehicle in the front and 80 kg.


Balche back at high speeds a lot of downward force.

Engine air inlet


If you glance at the above photo to make two pipe-like they realize that on the side of the engine and on the roof of the car. Channels of the Veyron for the control of air flow in use.


Three reasons for the Veyron is air flow control.


1-maximum power in the engine air intake 45000 liters per minute.


Maximum engine power, the 2-5 liters of gasoline consumption on the minutes, and the resulting great you must be attracted by the radiator.

3. at the time of the stop, brakes need to stave off the heat, especially when high speed and the high of trmshai on the road to full then having no herbage maze.

Veyron engine behind the driver. The air channels that are on the roof of the air

The engine and the air vent as well that are located on the edges of the rear brake air to you.

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