Buddhist temple Kyaikhtiyo – Golden Rock, Myanmar

One of the most famous temples and pagodas world famous Buddhist tourist attraction in the mountain Kyaikhtiyo, the Golden Rock is located in the State of Yangon in Myanmar. Balancing the temple is really surprising and it may be assumed that some kind of miracle. Buddhist legends say the rocks on the sea floor and the Buddha with the power behind the current Tbyh it up and put in place.

ترسناک ترین جاذبه های گردشگری دنیا,وحشتناک ترین جاذبه های گردشگری جهان,مکانهایی عجیب گردشگری

Mbdbvda kyaikhtiyo a spectacular locations in the world for tourism

And the most interesting, believe that their sacred hair of the Buddha with the blur of the rock kept it firmly in place. People are very religious and believe Fedayeen Buddha who come for pilgrimage to this temple of healing and good health find and all sins will be forgiven.

To achieve this tourist spot or pickup truck with a winding path through the village Kynpan climb after 11 km through dark forest to reach this place. The effort of climbing to reach the summit should be sorry to her feet. Instead of sugar that is above the restaurant, guest house and there are bars to get refreshment.

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