Never buy perfume, do not rush! It is, as always, keep in mind, smell the smell of perfume Mshamtan looks, the smell of perfume is not true. Be careful not to be deceived by him!

Have you ever noticed that in summer ever more perfume fragrance is Mshamtan? Most people like to escape the unpleasant odor during working hours because of the heat pursue the unpleasant smell of your perfume are not in place. Each perfume and fragrance can not be used for summer hot days and starry nights. It is better to pursue smells cool and tart smell of bitter cold to go to more lasting fragrance.

It also evokes a morning of rain on hot summer days to go and smell the fragrance of the leaves where the essential oil of cedar wood, pine and aroma of orange blossom and grapefruit used to go. Importantly, the use of fragrances and perfumes cool in summer, opening the mind and refreshment from the heat. Until now Have you ever noticed that on hot days, a cool shower How much can bring your story here? Use cool and tart fragrance will transport you feel the same way. Psychologically, the smell coming from around the smell, the most important factor associated memories are bitter or sweet; so today in many cases dealing with the origin of mental illness, before visiting a doctor Rmatrapy to come up with the scent of compliance with mood, sleep disturbances, depression, OCD and … to solve. Rmatrapy aromatherapy as a form of treatment that has an impact on how people feel done. Aromatherapy can have peace of mind and reduce stress. Smell and feel, closely related to each other. Smelling fragrance positive response in the brain and makes a person feel good that many fans today. The smell of natural origin have proven that, with effect on the central nervous system and metabolism, play a functional role in the development of personal feelings.

خرید عطر

● love white

CREED Love in White

Red usually considered a symbol of love and affection. But this time love white and scent experience, its trump card notes that the use of rare and high quality essential oils in the perfume industry five continents of the world. White lily of Italy, Orange Blossom from Spain, from France rice husk, magnolia flowers of Guatemala, rose and sandalwood from India and …. luxury fragrance brand in Paris creed natural fragrances and fragrance enthusiasts fascinated has over the years continued to smell good, special and different special is produced for enthusiasts, try to not miss it.

● To them the mystery of love

Vera Wang Princess Nigh

Stylish and affordable women Prrmzvraz fastidious fragrance with exotic ingredients jasmine, wild berries, sweet raspberry, watermelon, rose, orange blossom, sugar, vanilla and a new fragrance from the beginning of 2012, along with other rivals sitting various combinations sour, sweet and mud used to be special and rightly so modern and a different smell will amaze you.

● a fresh fruit plate

Omnia Coral Bvlgari for women

Fragranced with traces of flowers and fresh fruit! If you are looking for a special and delicate scent, the scent of spring 2012, which will be launched in the composition of lilies, wild berry, mulberry and pomegranate blossoms blend of bergamot and cedar and musk felt a complex mixture. Bvlgari’s fragrance brand has its ardent fans, because this choice is reasonably priced and has a long shelf life that has been seen in previous examples.

● Goodbye fatigue


On 29 March 2012, the brand gear, new fragrance samples by adding the word HOMME SPORT EAU EXTRÊME be shipped. Mint, orange blossom, sandalwood, white musk and black pepper with Bowie and exciting sport can help to escape from everyday boredom is the case. The smell of the cologne fragrance for men is not recommended for certain age groups and, if the notes are modern and different’re interested, be sure to give it a try.

● Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond Versace (for women) n

Yellow diamond! A pure, transparent fragrance that inner spirit blown flowers and scent is luxurious and Khanvmanh. It smells like a shining diamond. Fresh lemon, bergamot and orange blossom with violet packaging like previous versions, there’s only yellow. Better use of these notes for more formal environment.

● swimming in the middle of summer


Summer fragrance brand with high durability beriberi in 2012 for men Dandy offer. The combination of cardamom, ginger, cedar, mint and orange blossom Hindi can reduce daily stress and conflicts of mind to feel fresh and cool in the summer heat effect is like taking a shower.

● If you want to be different

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

In June 2011, the brand Jean Paul Gaultier, scent different from the entire package specifically for young men released. The perfume bottle design suggests different flamboyant personality and character of the person who uses fragrances. Glass design with a red logo that gives the show a cologne bottle, delicately bitter footprint fig leaf, vanilla, patchouli Hindi, bitter cocoa, cedar it is felt.

● shortcut to get to know the benefits of fragrances

Basil: Make peace

Rose: feel soft and fragile

Yasmin: Suitable for people with high self-esteem

Iris: The Badger

Lavender: suitable for stimulating and vibrant

Orange: create vitality and balance

Sour orange: relieve stress

Grapefruit: Miracle on Khoshakhlagh the

Lemon: get rid of the stress and confusion of mind

Cedar: soothing the soul

Vanilla: Good depressed that sweet smell that creates the vitality and well being.

Eucalyptus: If you feel severe depression, go visit

Sandalwood: Delicately sweet and special for internal excitation control

Pine has the power to elevate mood and emotional.

MUSK: Raising Confident and. . . .

● Note

Never buy perfume, do not rush! It is, as always, keep in mind, smell the smell of perfume Mshamtan looks, the smell of perfume is not true. Be careful not to be deceived by him!The best way to buy a fragrance to suit your taste, try a fragrance is the use of paper.After the perfume gave a paper about 5 to 10 minute wait to perfume the second phase.After this period, it will compare with the smell of seconds. If you have more obsessed wait 10 minutes to Mshamtan fragrance that seems to have more confidence. Never and will never try fragrances, perfumes and clothes do not test. Chemical events between perfume and clothing fibers, you confuse and prevent the smell of the original scent.

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