Benefits of laughter and happiness

The irony is that lack of artistic proportions in different social spheres that appear tailored to look and shows this to be a source of laughter. The art of parody, and artistic and aesthetic expression of the disproportion in the «metnasbat».

Humor in the word is meant to be sarcasm, but the original meaning of the work that has gone before is meant to be a surgical blade.

The English equivalent is that of irony satire in Latin was taken from Greek roots satyros. Fruit-filled vessel name satira varied agricultural gods who were one of the gifts had been given to the lexical meaning of “whole food” or “A4” was mixed.

Benefits of laughter and happiness
Benefits of laughter and happiness

All the above forms of expression in the category of humor. Satire to mock someone’s character is written, or destruction. Do not modify the original goal and intention to Lampoon his destruction of the personality side of reality. But the humor usually reformist and social purposes. Humor with the subtle expression of problems and shortcomings, with the sweet language, try to correct them. Comedy but somehow the expression for video. (Cinema, theater …) In fact, comedy can be of all branches of humor (humor, satire, and hazl).

Humor in literature to a certain type of poetic or literary works that contained errors or undesirable aspects of human behavior portrays the social and political thought or even a funny philosophical challenges. in the definition of “literary is a work of satire that uses the upside down building, anger, and parody, the weakness of social education and human societies to take criticism.” Dr. Johnson does this mean humor : A poem in which evil and stupidity of censorship. ”


To apply the word humor funny for that form a critical and ironic expression in contemporary English history much longer. Although other ancient works on humor and language used, but the wide use of European satire is not meant to be. In English, Arabic and Turkish words that just a single meaning in all three languages of the entry. I went to work in English satire that is more direct and personal criticism of the aspect and the aspect of indirect and often informative and social time. In English also have used hazl which ancestor is more Joker aspect.

Humor is a controversial and complex nature of thinking and multiple layers. Although its nature is based on laughter, but laughter is the only means to achieve a superior target knows are aware of the man. Although he appears, but then the reality of bitter laughter, and there is that dreadful there in depth, the laughter stopped. And human beings into thinking there might be. So about the comic said: “HA HA, i.e. comic crying humor IE laugh oh-oh. As a result, the humor can be like a razor blade will assume the surgery because surgery cut the work place in order to improve it.
Humor in its essence the human way, on his skeptical adds and reveal the world as the phenomenon of multiple or double, contradictory, human beings deprived of certainty. John Dryden in the article “the art of humor» humor elegance to separate the head from the body with a jerk of the sword metaphor, so that again in its place.

The fact that humor is among the public, claiming it is not. The irony is that in the public literature, lasting, high power, definitely. Usually, oral literature is an important part of the public. Of course, Jack is only part of the verbal humor jokes. The humor lies in the fable, like motels and between people as well as the oral part of the humor.

Benefits of laughter and happiness
Benefits of laughter and happiness


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