Beautiful without makeup




The beauty is in the simplicity


Beautiful without makeup

These days, the other being stylish in the use of most toiletries but in simplicity.
Use a minimum of toiletries and less time at home these ingredients to work.
Fewer size creams and powders in the event even spurred more beauty.
Ladies don’t have to worry about a lot of time every day using a variety of loose and watery creams with sneezing powders are expensive to reach, the more time it seems beautiful to live.
Although a lot of women to make their own or their families do not have much time to reach the subconscious, but a lot of time wasted in front of a mirror.
The first is that this little makeup courtesy of a little bit of time to add them. But why not be comfortable next to the beauty and styling being passed.


Here’s a sample of a simple makeup …
12 simple advice for beauty without makeup:
1.-instead of your face makeup to skin health. The necessary and sufficient condition for do not use cosmetics are having a healthy skin and juicy. Eat healthy food. Health cares for your skin and watches out for pesky pimples.
2-money give toiletries and a good facial SOAP and a detergent suitable for the skin.
3-a gentle peeling has high SPF can achieve smooth and healthy skin seems to be useful.
4-most anti-aging skin creams for women under 30 years are very strong and you don’t have to use them but if you still think that you should use one of these types of worms use a more gentle and poor model to select it.


5. try to get hair and nails groomed. Simple makeup and hair look beautiful in the right reach a very effective appearance. Having hair and nail tidy makes even without the use of cosmetics is also to consider the imbroglio. A simple manicure or haircut you choose for a week to keep it.
6-instead of a variety of lipstick lesbians try just a simple moisturizer to use.
7-if healthy and moisturized lips to reach their particular beauty comments.
8-If you insist on something so make sure that your facial skin tries a sunny sunscreen that has a slight tint to work.
9 connection of this recalls that even without the makeup should use sunscreen every day.
10-If you try just a little makeup is just an overall failure. The spots on the dial face with a mild cream or a finger on the face mask of smallpox that you place is sufficient.


Beautiful without makeup

11-discard your extra toiletries. A makeup table, the less privacy you have to stimulate.
12-if only two types of article to choose cosmetics is just a simple cake pan or powder and a moisturizer and lip balms from reputable brands to choose from.


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