Cosmetic beautiful to the eye does not

Or if the eyes are not beautiful to the eye cosmetics should be so is a component that is color coordinated together to create a beautiful blend of power, not a painting with a thousand colors. Garnishing as one of the finest things but with a little care and respect for the best and up to date methods of cosmetic and practical tips can be experienced.
Just mental images that already have been, discard and with the mistakes that you would know about. Not only are the mistakes that you did not beautiful, but also have been brilliant arrangement of color and makeup that even that would seem so bad Qyafhtan and destroy all confidence Bhnfstan. So if you want a professional barber yourself, follow these nuances but the key to the world famous hairdresser.

Do not go into every product
Apply a liquid foundation and makeup before you start, make sure the cream you choose to be. Depending on the type of skin should use sunscreen under makeup. For example, if your skin is oily, the hydrating cream if your skin is dry, the cream fat. If your skin is oily, fatty cream Do not use lubricants fat, fat in your face right, and the same basic cosmetic Vbraq disturbed. If your skin is too dry, you start hydrating cream does not work. Well not accept the arrangement and cream powder dry and ripen though everything in the air and on the skin.

آرایش صورت

Do not mildew
The first step in choosing a liquid foundation makeup base. This is the biggest mistake that anyone with any form of cream-colored powder is white. With this cream-colored powder as too white and bright and bizarre contrasts with the color of neck, hair and hands finds.The best choice, Cream powder, a degree of skin is darker, not lighter, not darker. Bright pink liquid foundation is being smothered and Krmpvdr very dark pink.

Hide pimples
Acne is the worst thing that is going off and would doom him to a banquet, but it’s too easy to hide it. Please cover the acne with light bleach forget. Clear powder white cream or pancakes and more to build a hill makes the pimples out. Experts believe that with a little cream dark powder makeup can hide the boil. Remove the cream and boil for five minutes, or the size of their stay. Then wipe it with your hand and then cover it with cream powder in question.

Do not house the eyelashes
Mascara eye makeup is the most important means. Eyelashes with mascara can be made uniform, black and beautiful. Provided that do not put the house on the eyes. Housing is a term that hairdressers to say Rymlhay gory and bullets on the eyelashes. To mascara on the eyelashes of the upper eyelid Mzhhhaytan Glvl first bullet should not be, and when you look down, mascara and hit with open eyes and eyelashes start from the end. Never on mascara, mascara, do not. If you want to renew cosmetic clean the eyes first and then apply mascara on it again. Pellets mascara on the eyes and can even beauty does in no way indicate your eyes smaller and smaller.

This model Forget shadow
I know stratified shadows and step ladders fashioned few years? So if you want to day cosmetic and elegant look, this model is no longer distant shadow to the base. Mrv barbers changing the world believe that the best combination of color shade without color detection of each other. Perhaps at first glance may seem hard, but it is not. Just select some appropriate colors for the clothes and colors to help wipe brush, so that not any lines marking the separation between brushed by other colors. Before the shadow on the eyelid with pancakes, mix well, cover the lid so-called homogeneous and shadow on the eyelid drop.

Do not ruler
Such as mascara and eyeliner makes eyes beautiful eyes but a kinky and slash and too broad of any help to you is not beautiful. The eye makeup, after you abandon shadow and mascara before handling the line of the eye. Depending on the type of eyeliner eyes should choose. If large eyes, broad eyeliner and if your eyes are fine, thin use of eyeliner. But if you insist on more eyeliner high for eyelids lower eyelid also drag line, be sure to size and bold. A broad and bold eyeliner to the lower lid did not fit. Try to pull the lower eyelid thin and pale and not so as if drawn a line under the eyes and intend to show an important place.

آرايشي پر از رنگ و درخشان

Mascara eye makeup is the most important means

Mzhhhaytan to break
Field of Frmzhh much mascara eyelashes brushing helps you break up, but not no beauty.A few seconds before using eyelash curler with a hair dryer heat to the plastic parts and then use it. The break Mzhhhaytan such as branches, each to one side is not rancid.

Lips hide cracks
Before lipstick on your lips you must do infrastructure work. For example, if your lips are dry and scaly, then with lotion or ointment vitamin A dry the issue and then apply lipstick on it. Put Lipstick on the lips for 15 minutes until the skin completely soft. If you apply lipstick on the lips dry and scaly, like cement dragged on cracked earth desert.

Field Blush check
Blusher on the cheeks stairs building materials that create them. Blush is supposed to complete your configuration and fine. At first blush colors to choose carefully. If your face color is dark brown and dark colors and avoid going peachy colors and tones, go brick. If you have white skin, the combination of pink and peach is the best choice. Use a large brush for blush shuffle. Small brushes your cheek line makes it happen. Blush should not be too dark and appear promising. Bold and bright blush on the cheeks to make stairs.Blush Brush the sides of the cheeks and under the chin and the forehead stir.

Do not Rzhtyrh
The lipstick color choice very carefully. An arrangement lipstick by the end of October. The seal is supplemental then it is better not to work is impaired. Lipstick color should contrast with the color of your skin cause. If your skin color is white to bold colors and red tones, use. If your face is dark color should be bright parade peach and orange. Skin dark brown careful not good at all.

As pale pink and peach colors fade to white skins exists at all. For the survival of lipstick on the lips also do a special trick: first Lbtan with a humidifier Massage the lips and then click on the pancake. Click lipstick on pancakes. This is more so the shelf life of lipstick.

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