مسمومیت,مسمومیت در سفر

Many in the travel poisoning, caused by eating or drinking food or water contaminated with germs. The following recommendations that wish peasant, an expert on the country’s emergency training, can help prevent food poisoning journey;

If you travel to different places for the first time should use local water or food because the antibodies in the blood do not, why were these germs invade and become poisoned.

It is better to be healthy and clean water that they’re certainly use.

Do not use ice unless you are sure the water is healthy.

During the trip, eating raw fruits and vegetables unless you can peel discards and raw lettuce and other leafy greens like spinach not drink.

the purchase and consumption of foods that vendors sell to avoid.

Try not disposable containers that require rinsing, use clean water for drinking in its jungle

Hands should regularly wash with soap and water.

the consumption of salad and raw vegetables in restaurants and refrain from taking meal and egg (Honey) Do not.

on a trip to the countryside, dairy, ice cream, especially not buy local milk and pasteurized milk.

If you use canned foods first and then use it to boil for 20 minutes. Buy cans raised, depressed or not leaking.

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