Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do

How to defend yourself on the street

The purpose of this article is to help you to defend yourself in a street fight with the defense does not necessarily mean physical confrontation and this should be your last resort if you’re a real winner and you can not to use violence peaceful not solve the problem. But at the same time solutions for self-defense’ll show you in the hope that it will be useful.


Check your surroundings before the fight!

When a conflict starts must use all available means. Aside from any device that can be used as weapons or defense you need to know which way to escape if necessary, especially if you have several people surround you. Good use of all your senses. Do not rely just remember where you are in the scope of the shadows and reflected light in this case, if someone wanted to attack from behind you will not be surprised. Can be placed back into the sun or into a glass to better control toward the back of your head.

The best defense is not a physical conflict.

Always try to stay away from the fight. Everyone knows the best way to win in a street fight to prevent physical conflict. Keep in mind that even the best fighters and martial artists who do not adhere to this principle or do not have a long life or serious injuries have seen. The damage is not only physical harm but also psychological damage that is beyond the scope of our discussion.

In the majority of street clashes usually given warnings before a serious physical conflict through non-fight if you can fix it without hesitation to do this. Do not let your emotions cause your stupid. A verbal dispute could easily lead to violence so remain calm but firm stance wise, you can not apologize. Again I emphasize relax and not deal with anger. Is it so hard to apologize to the individual style of the brain for which the punches and kicks to the head? When someone apologizes, or accepts that everything will end without a fight. But when everything went well to remember that it is never the one who is angry and aggressive Left Behind is wise to take a couple steps back and then go back and continue your way. But be prepared at any moment! He may continue his bad behavior What’s wrong again apologize. Do not pretend weak to be seen if they see threatening behavior continues. With the power to tell him that you’re not looking for trouble. To warn him not to approach you.


Always ready to be stabbed? !!

Bad guys are always in your pocket, melee weapon, such as knives or brass knuckles and usually are not careful when they use it. So if you want to enter should be ready to hit engage with them in mind.

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