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acrobats, games, and sports show on the rope for difficult moves and amazing. This game is not known correctly the first time, at what time and in which land has been introduced, but apparently, it has long been in vogue, as the most popular show in the world, is not a place for discussion. After the fall of the Roman Empire in 474 AD and the early Middle Ages and dominate the church ban on state institutions and the moral and Roman plays that led to the strand theater, acrobats, including shows that, against the will of the church and the public acceptance of the-the streets and squares entertain people.


Fitzgerald Trapeze experience in the Far East to the eighth / fourteenth century (the beginning of the reign of the Ming Dynasty in China) leads. Chinese acrobats accompanied by musicians, who play an important role in Chinese shows, on the strap, quick and difficult dances to do. The musicians mistake could lead to grave consequences, because the actors who turned over short distances and long spears were suspended, were experiencing dizziness and confusion .


Among Islamic countries, in Asia Minor, along with the Ottoman Caliphate, acrobats became exceedingly popular. Where acrobats “veteran” or “Paladin” or “Sling open,” said the sultan Al Othman considerable attention to these displays, and often their gatherings and celebrations, especially celebrations of circumcision princes, was associated with Trapeze. Acrobats performed their amazing things, like the rope, shooting and sometimes ran and sometimes with eyes closed, heads were hung from the upper cord and the lower cord comes without feet, head ate quickly. The oldest reference to the implementation of this show in the Ottoman Empire reaches 861. In the twelfth century, the game was very important for the acrobats supervisor or “source” was determined.








The oldest reference to the Games in ancient Persia in “Khosrow Ghobadi and his Rydk” which the “mast Sling game” and “Darbazy” have been discussed . Apparently, given that these two words in the text before the name of instruments such as Tabor (= tabor / Tombak) come, and in a couple of paragraphs earlier Khosravi ¬†also asked about the best musicians, he exalted and given the name of the construction of these two words are often used interchangeably, while the minstrel exclusively musician means reader, but it can be both actor and musician bard, were synonymous. In addition, the name of the instruments in this text with the word house] = player] combined, but other words such as Sling game Vachik (= game) have been associated.

Persian prose and poetry in ancient texts, not to mention Trapeze and its history in Iran. In an example of the Dehkhoda (following “Trapeze”) needle Court Samarkand (sixth century) the affidavit (a Hmtsh utterly Trapeze) apparently paragraph, not to mention the first part of a compound word Trapeze game. However, the use of the word of acrobats, the “Sling game” and its derivatives, such as “Sling Open” in the poetry of the fifth and sixth centuries can be seen. The lyrics, however, are few and because the game is not mentioned, but in more recent centuries, foreign tourists who have traveled to Iran several times, multiple and fairly accurate reports of some shows Trapeze in the Safavid era in their itineraries provided that the Iranian acrobats will show their skill and variety shows. Due to odd jobs acrobats, some of them foreign tourists as “The Magician” and reminds them of Frngyshan skilled counterparts have.


The most common form of the game was that the acrobats two ends of the rope tied to two sticks in the middle of the playing field and walked on the rope. Sometimes one end of the rope to a point higher altitudes such as towers, minarets or loud roofs are tied. The tightrope walker with agility as possible, the rope went up and came back. Tightrope walker balancing on wooden dam often] = balance beam [to horizontal was on hand; sometimes someone called “Yalanchy”] = liar / emulator [under paragraph makes ridiculous gestures


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