Aspirin, useful for the 11 diseases




According to health news, pharmaceutical, which today is called know aspirin in 1897 by German scientists invented medicinal properties, but it too late is when a human is used; for example, ancient Greek of some active ingredients aspirin benefited about 400 BC.

In some cases, aspirin can also lead to bleeding in the digestive system. Therefore, patients before taking aspirin should consult your physician. Continue on with some of the diseases that aspirin could be useful for them, are more familiar.

Heart disease

Each year, heart disease kills many people in various parts of the world, and hence, one of the leading reasons for the deaths. Taking aspirin can be a heart attack, one of the most serious complications of heart disease prevention. Heart attacks can be due to blood clots that block blood flow to the heart, the shape and characteristics of blood thinners and clot-proof aspirin can significantly the risk of heart attack in people who are at risk, reduce. People who are at risk for heart attack, often a low daily dose of medication received and people who suffer a heart attack can damage caused by it by taking aspirin as aid is limited.


Aspirin, useful for the 11 diseases


Cancer of the colon

Aspirin can cause the risk of colon cancer in some people. Long-term studies have shown that among people with a hereditary disease that put them at greater risk of developing colon cancer, those who were taking aspirin, reduces the risk of 63 percent compared with those who had received the placebo.

New studies have shown that aspirin can be the probability of survival among people of some types of cancer, including breast cancer, will increase the suffering

The benefits of taking aspirin for people who are at risk of catching an average colon cancer are also impressive. Some researchers believe that we are only at the beginning of the path to understanding the effects of aspirin on cancer-fighting have put.


Aspirin, useful for the 11 diseases


Inflammation of the

Characteristics of anti-inflammatory aspirin to make it an effective treatment for a number of diseases. In the absence of inflammation of one of the methods to protect your body against infections caused by viruses and bacteria can be considered external, but can also damage to body tissues and cause the formation of pain. Inflammation without the presence of bacteria or viruses often represents one or more forms of arthritis. Aspirin can be a pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and muscle pain.


Preeclampsia or gestational toxicity is a rare condition that occurs during pregnancy. Preeclampsia can cause damage to kidneys and if left untreated, can be fatal for both mother and baby. Pre-eclampsia is often due to high blood pressure are formed and even women with normal blood pressure can also be affected. A low-dose aspirin regimen is often referred to as a preventive measure for women at risk.


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