Argentina’s famous attraction


Argentina’s famous attraction 


The famous attractions of Argentina


Argentina is a country in South America very broad and vast country, eighth in the world. The capital of the country, namely the position of Buenos Aires, a diverse culture and traditions is very lovely and popular in its place. This is a country with its countless attractions of tourism in their hearts, every year millions of torst, is possibleand in fact the second Latin American country vulnerable tourists around. In this article of patrols to the 10 top attractions are going to introduce it. Be with us.
Waterfalls (Iguazu Falls)
Argentina’s famous attractions is the blue that they flow, the Niagara waterfalls water 3 times. The enormous Iguazu waterfalls and between the two countries, Argentina and Brazil and a very impressive full view of each side and spectacularly.


4. favorite place world famous traveler
Wanda mines mining of gemstones is 47 km from the town of Puerto Iguazu is located in the center of the Crystal and stone and you have to buy there are jewels.
Iguazu National Park
The Park is very broad which 55 thousand hectares in the country of argantsan and 170 thousand hectares, it is located in Brazil, rare animals and non-rare location a lot and is one of the most attractive sights of Argentina.
This cemetery is one of the famous attractions of Argentina! And the reason is this-nthat it has a lot of celebrities and writers jmhorha head of the heroes buried dshe.something that this cemetery has been stunning, eye-catching architectural style  with beautiful sculptures. In this cemetery instead of date of birth, date of death inscribed on the grave.


The residence of the President of Argentina at the  Palace in the city of Buenos Aires. The Palace is full of valuable national treasures like the marble bust of Argentina head the previous of Argentina, Italy and  Museum stairs.
Plaza di Mayo a big square or
In fact, the main square of Plaza Mayo  Aires city which is located opposite the Casa rooda. From this spectacular square, the implementation of some of the people and the historical fi Cathedral of Buenos Aires.
Florida Street
From the famous Florida Street, Buenos Aires, Hey Street is located right in the city center and is a popular location for tourists. If you like leather, clothing and souvenirs. Your purchase, you will find better than the Florida St.
San tlmo
The age of the unique regional tlmo in Buenos Aires with Spanish architecture is paved streets and of his antique mghareh sh. If in the afternoon sun, go to this locationwith shops


Matadorha exhibition
The goal of restoring the native Argentinian cowboy culture exhibition South America to this country. Every Sunday over 100 matadros sum of the artist. Indigenous and traditional goods such as leather, textiles and woolen clothing, fine metalworking, and unique artwork of this exhibition.
The third Park,
The Park is also the forest of the Palermo urban area, the Park is 25 acres which is located in Buenos Aires and Palermo her because the Grove of agricultural zoology, gardens, botanical gardens, Plaza Italia, its rose gardens and Lakes is very famous.

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